Monday, May 16, 2011

rocks and (in?) my cerebral cortex

i've been in thinking mode lately.
the kind that doesn't stop or take a breath
and i wake up in the morning
already deep in thought

yesterday after church, i climbed a rock
a big rock
which we could maybe call a hill
a molehill?
(geologists, chime in...)

(via bootsnall)
anyway i climbed this big rockhillmoleything
at the park next door
and i sat on the very top
and i thought
and i read this book
and i talked out loud to God
(you just have to do that sometimes)

and then i sat
and thought
and listened
and i saw some mountains
and people having a picnic
and birds
and an airplane that looked like shamu

and i decided
i should climb that rock more often.
and that's about the only decision i made
but it seems like a good one.

progress, isn't it?
 anyone else climbed a rock lately?


Wandering Justin said...

You know what's even cooler than the plane that looks like Shamu? The plane the looks like a salmon. It's the infamous Alaskan Airlines Salmon-30-Salmon.

Sherri Romney said...

I haven't climbed any rocks lately, but after reading this I want to. It sounds like it was very relaxing and refreshing. I hope you get to do it a lot more.

Katie said...

The shamu part must have scared you :) I mean, WHAT? Who said that? I need to do that more, too. Climb rocks, I mean.