Sunday, July 3, 2011

book of mormon: week 3

i'm back! didn't know i was gone?
well, it was only like a week....
just needed a little breather.
but i have returned!

thought i should jump back in on a sunday
since those are a favorite.

sooo....that book of mormon challenge
you know the one...look at that tab up there
yes right up there

can i be honest with you?
i haven't done so great at keeping up with my own charts
oh but i'm trying!
and i have grand plans of fixing this grave error asap

in the meantime, you can overlook the fact that this post is week 3
and there was no week 2
but're allowed to skip numbers
(miss zarves, anyone? 20pts to anyone super cool enough to get that reference)

fact: i am not perfect
even at my own reading adventures
but maybe you are not perfect either
and we can be imperfect together
yes? yes.

but i do have some thoughts...

God loves me.
it's no secret after my last post
that i was kinda in a hard place
(hence the blogging time out while i recuperated)
God loves me!
and life is pretty beautiful
flaws and all
(Nephi knew that too. see how relevant this is to my reading chart??)

i really like Nephi
(this is Nephi, if you don't know)
i kinda feel a kinship with him,
mostly in the ways he feels emotions.
i feel like Nephi always feels things that i can relate to
like being super aware of his own weaknesses
and feeling deep sorrow when other people are hurting
i just....get him

and....i want this:

(buy it for me...i mean

that wilderness
ohhhh that wilderness!
do you realize how much time they spent there??
even when they made the right choices
and followed the Spirit
they had one surrrriously long journey
and isn't that so true for our lives too?
just because we're choosing the right,
doesn't mean life will be easy.
just because we're following God,
doesn't mean we get the good stuff right away.
just because we know our ultimate destination will be ideal,
doesn't mean the parts between now and then will be.
in fact, i don't think they're supposed to be.

can i be honest again?
(it's my blog, i can do what i want, but i thought it would be polite to ask.)
fact: i haven't always had a burning love of the scriptures
in fact, making it a consistent habit is really hard for me
and requires constant effort
and i can't say i'm where i want to be yet
with that hunger & thirst they speak of
but i can say
that to keep up with these reading charts, i have to make it my default hobby
or, obviously, i get behind.
and there's something about the constant reading
in the little moments and cracks of my day
that is starting to do something to me...
...and i think it's a good thing.

your thoughts?
(whether you're following the charts or not, you may share!)


Devin said...

I was also behind on the reading, but I just spent the last hour or so catching up. So yes, we can be imperfect together. I'm glad to see you posted! Jacob 5... did you end that chapter a bit confused? I was about to read it again to get a better understanding, but then I remembered it's about a million verses long. I'll be talking with my brother tomorrow about it to maybe understand it a little better. I like your insight on Nephi & Clan's journey through the wilderness. I also can relate with you on the struggle to have a real desire to read/study the scriptures. However, I find the more time I spend reading in one session, the more I want to read. And can we skip back to last week's reading? 2 Nephi Chapter 9. If I could only read one chapter in the BoM, that would be it. This chapter basically built my testimony of our Savior, Jesus Chirst. It also helped me to understand the Atonement. Anyway, my comment it is becoming heinously long. But, hey, thanks for doing this! I enjoy talking about the scriptures and having the extra motivation.

Laura! said...

No, I'm not cool enough to get that reference, but when I read "grave error," I automatically thought "One of us..." Anyway, keep reading. I can never, never keep with charts, so maybe it's a family thing? Hmm, well, I know that some scripture study is better than none ("none times, I guess"...) so it's all good!

katielizabethawkes said...

Devin! Jacob 5 always does a number on me. Something that helped me is to look up in a manual or whatever what each of the people/things symbolize, and then read it out loud but substitute the words for what they represent....does that make sense? it's like translating it into a story that's easier to understand.

Kristin said...

wayside school is falling down and/or sideways stories from wayside school. :) there is no story 13, there is no mrs. zarves.

just sayin'