Sunday, July 10, 2011

book of mormon: week 4

hi friends.
i did mucho bettero at keeping up w/ my charts this week!

in less good news,
my throat is fraught with illness.
and my ears.
and it's all addling my brains a bit.

but i will still share, any incoherence notwithstanding!

three thoughts from this week's reading, via the wisdom of this ancient prophet on his woodsy little podium:

mosiah 2:11
i love the way king benjamin feels overwhelmed by his weakness, but has enough confidence in God that he's willing to live up to his calling. i find that this is a recurring theme with prophets in the scriptures. how often do i feel weighed down or just not good enough? but it's not my weaknesses that matter, really -- it's God's power! so i shouldn't be afraid or doubt myself when I have Him backing me up.

mosiah 4:19
"are we not all beggars?"
oh man alive i love this scripture! i feel like this phrase pops into my head every now and again to humble me if i start to get impatient with people who have more needs than i do. sure, one might argue that we each work for what we have, so why can't everyone else take care of themselves too? well...what did you work with? your healthy body/mind and your pool of resources, however small? aaaaand where did that stuff come from? right. right.

mosiah 4:27
"see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength."
i feel particularly reminded of this right now, being full of germs and all. also, there's an excellent article in this month's Ensign about this:
"This Year It's a Weed -- Pull It."
highly recommended, kids.

that's all.
luff you.
now you share.

catch up on week 1 and week 3.
and don't ask questions about week 2.


Laura! said...

I like this post! Good principle-pulling, sistah. I really like what you said about not worrying about my own weakness but trusting in God's power-- it seems to be a recurring theme in my life too! And I HEART the article you linked to! It's fabulous! I actually bought a little magnet (and one for the parents) that says "Trust in God includes trust in His timing." I intend to put it right smack where I can see it when I go off to college! I think in life the two things that are probably the scariest are waiting until it's the right time to do something and also starting when that time comes. Waiting and starting can be terrifying and annoying! But I guess it's like an awesome book. If you skip to the end, everything in between loses it's value! So, if you want to appreciate every little detail and part of life, you have to stick to the order of things! Even though you might be anxious to get to the best part! Ok, nerdy book analogy over :P feel better!

Devin said...

I did so much better keeping up with the reading this week, too. I found new motivation due to recent decisions (like the decision to serve a mission). I LOVE King Benjamin. Reading his sermons is so humbling, yet empowering. Reading about him has made me more excited to share the Gospel, which I didn't think could be possible.