Sunday, July 24, 2011

book of mormon: week 6

("be not afraid" by greg olsen, via

 this chunk of reading is brimming with goodness
let's just dive in...

this chapter talks all about changing hearts
a subject that always makes me feel tender
and maybe a little teary eyed
i'm such a believer in the idea of changing hearts!
yes, the Savior has the power to change lives
but that is because He has the power to change hearts
and when our hearts change, our desires change
and then our actions change
and then, yes, our lives change
(and whose life couldn't use a little changing for the better?)

how could i not talk about this chapter?
it's an ancient prophecy about the birth & life & mission of Jesus Christ
and talks about everything He does for us
He suffers our pains (emotional and physical)
He carries our burdens
He comforts us
He understands our weaknesses & temptations
and on and on
then i love where it says:
"come and fear not, and lay aside every sin which easily doth beset you."
just think about this invitation:
the Savior wants to fix our problems
and help us carry our burdens
and comfort us in our emotional & physical distress
and all we have to do
is not be afraid anymore
and come to Him

[i see no down side to this...]

i just feel really happy today
the book of mormon is truly something amazing
and these two chapters are so beautiful

even if you haven't been reading
maybe just take a minute and read these ones?
a personal request from yours truly
(happiness guaranteed. what do you have to lose...?)

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