Tuesday, July 26, 2011

writing: prayer of fresh beginnings

God, bless me with disconnect
grant me apathy
untangle my heart strings
untie them, one by one
unlatch my emotions
cut the knots
free me from what i shouldn't love
God, take my misplaced affection
take my loving
my longing
take these emotions that do not build me
that slowly bruise me
and are beginning to openly wound me
God, lift me from bitterness
erase the faint taste of salt on my lips
please don't leave a trace
not even a hint of remembering
yes God, stop me from caring too much
unravel the lack of requisition
cradle my heart in your hands
mend the holes
smooth the scars
breathe life into a weary soul
and set me down gently
 stand me on my feet again
steady my legs
settle my mind
still my soul
lift my chin to the sky
my eyes to the stars
and my heart to the heavens

"i thank you, God
for most this amazing day"
[e.e. cummings]


D.B. Woolston said...

When I write in my journal, large portions of my entries (I almost called them posts) turn into prayers. A prayer written can be so much more thoughtful, deliberate, and faithful than one spoken. Keep it up.

Katie said...

I love it.

Chantal said...

I love you, and the fact that you write prayers! This is beautiful. I think I might adopt it and send it God's way on my behalf :)

Sherri Romney said...

katie that was beautiful

Kim said...

That was beautiful. I feel like it said a lot of what I felt like saying today. You are so talented with words.
PS - I can't wait until you get your book written so I can read it.

The end.

Celeste said...

Wow Katie, you are an amazing writer! I think it is wonderful that you wrote out a prayer.