Monday, August 1, 2011

a slice of my life

i don't know if you wonder
but maybe you would like to know what a certain girl named katie does when she's out and about doing
[i know you totally care.]

fact: i'm usually really busy
i'm not home a lot
[sorry roomies -- although i suspect you're gone a lot too]

these are the things that have been enchanting my days lately:


cleaning & laundry

thinking about cleaning & laundry

talking to besties on my cellular

getting my braces tightened

playing volleyball

[in this nasty heat? are you crazy? yes. more on this later.]

hiking, now and again:
[at the top of piestewa/squaw peak]
[i'm in the back left. making a thumbs up. in the dark. promise i look good.]

swimming, now and again

slushies, lots and again

soaking up last late-night chats with this engaged girl
[bah! i miss her already dangit!]

pretending to sew my own bridesmaid dress
[thanks momsie for finishing it...]

pretending i know how to work my ipad

making use of my ipad's most important feature with my niece:

planning and scheming for this adventure, as always

doing what i do best at parties:

staying young by staying out too late now and again

cat sitting

[fact: we watched 27 Dresses together the other night. me and the cat. this is my life now.]

being a ward missionary
[what's that, you ask? answers.]
becoming slightly obsessed with being a ward missionary
[i've got the fever, i tell ya]

attending a lotta lotta church activities
[i do love them!]

making my friend Reed wear a leaf in his lapel:
[i put the foliage back on the fake church tree it came from. don't worry.]
[i really don't like those fake church trees.]

eating midnight snacks.
[e.g. grilled cheese at 1am. don't judge.]

fielding texts from my baby sister, claiming i look like anne hathaway.
photographic proof, i said.
this is a katie face, she said:
[i don't you see it?]

and you know...
thinking. planning. dreaming. blogging.

that about sums it up.

now you can stop dying of curiosity.
you're very welcome.

1 comment:

Katie said...

Ahaha. I love this. All of it. I don't think you look like Anne Hathaway and I don't think I've ever seen you make that face but...I would still take it as a compliment. much more to comment on but...I can't remember all of it. And ima miss you too!

p.s. the word verification is "latie." which is remarkably similar to "katie." coincidence? i think not.