Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mormons on Your Billboards

well i've gone and done it again
back and at it on the ol' Huff!
[ok that totally sounds like a drug reference....erm....]

the point is, check out my latest:


and, as always,
take all derogatory comments with a big fat grain of salt
[a whole pillar of salt, you might say]

yesterday, as all the haterade comments raged,
i let 'em roll off my shoulders
because, i expected them

but what i didn't expect...
were all the kind, supportive comments
from readers actually defending my article
[that didn't exactly happen last time i ignited the huff, if you remember...]

[ignited the huff? the illegal-substance innuendos are running rampant again. oops.]

in any case,
it made me feel good, kids!
being published is always a validating thing, no matter how many times it happens

feel free to poke around my other huff articles while you're on there

kbyenow :)


Megara said...


Katie? I read your article. UH-MAZ-ING.

I had NO idea your were such an incredible writer. Keep voicing your opinions!

XO Meg

PS- I completely agree with you!

casey said...

I love this!!!!! I knew we were supposed to be friends!!!!

The Ballard Family said...

I don't have your ability to let personal attacks roll off my shoulders, particularly when it comes to my faith or family. So I read your articles before anyone has a chance to comment and then I don't go back haha. I loved your post and I admire both your writing talent and your courage. Way to build the kingdom. :)

Elder Ryan Tucker said...

Hi Katie! My name is Elder Tucker. I am currently serving as an online missionary. We find and talk to people on chat and then teach them follow-up lessons over Facebook and Skype. Anyways, I read your post and loved it! I noticed at the end that you invited anyone who was interested in learning more to contact you and let you know. So I just wanted to let you know that if anyone does this, feel free to refer them to me--that's why I am here! So if you feel impressed, please send them my way! You can find me on Facbeook under Elder Ryan Tucker if you are interested in having me help! Thank you for your article. Thank you for your courage and great faith!

-Elder Tucker

Whitney and Doug said...

Thanks for sharing! I find it amazing how many people take rumors as "truth". I loved your article!

Katie said...

Yessss. Katie. Just yes.

Emma Frances said...

You are amazing! :] I loved it. And now I'm headed to read more of them!

Also, I nominated you for the "I Dig Your Blog" Award on my blog! The post will be up tomorrow morning!

Kate and Ammon said...

Katie, way to be a missionary!

karajean said...

That article rocks! I didn't know you wrote over there. I am hugely impressed/jealous.

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Woah you wrote that?! You are amazing! How cool is that? And I'm a Mormon too! And I think my area (Fort Collins, Colorado) is going to have a media blitz too! I work in the nursery and last Sunday there was a 2 hour meeting on and what will happen in our area...and of course I was in nursery so I haven't heard all the details!!!

Lindsay R said...

i didn't even know they had these billboards! very cool! looking forward to reading the article. and props to you for not taking anything too personal


Ash said...

Okay, I just read your article and holy crap are you brave! Way to be!

I am seriously so impressed!