Wednesday, December 21, 2011

we need a little christmas now!

the bloggity festiveness continues!
today ima be miss bossypants and tell you exactly what you must do to properly be in the holiday spirit...

must watch:

must listen:

must read:
[other suggestions? i've never thought much about holiday lit before...]

must eat:

must do:

well i might not be doing so well at that there last item...

but, there's always hoping, eh?

now tell me your holiday must watch/listen/read/eat/do list!


Myke Olsen said...

I had every intention of reading A Christmas Carol this year but I still haven't... but it's only 100 pages so I'm not ruling it out just yet.

Also, Home Alone is a must-watch Christmas film.

Annie Citrine said...

Okay. I love you for having While You Were Sleeping on this list.
As for literature: I just read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and I loved it. Very Christmasy and awesome! Plus super short and sweet.
My other fab Christmas book is a childhood favorite. My dad used to read me The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey every year at Christmas for as long as I can remember!

Merry Christmas!

Annie Citrine said...

Oh! And the Polar Express. Duh.

rebecca said...

haha. i can't believe i haven't seen the grinch yet. it hasn't come on this year!

Elisabeth Gee said...

Sooooo I pretty much comment on all your posts because well...they're kind of brilliant.
I LOVE A Christmas Story!!! BEST MOVIE EVER!!! :)

McKenzie King said...

i just finished ELF for probably the billionth time, so classic.

The Ballard Family said...

You just made me seriously want to do all the things on this list. Instead of clean my house and try to get my kids to listen to me. Well done.