Tuesday, February 28, 2012

R-Rated Standards: Who makes YOUR choices?

the avoidance of R-rated movies is a pretty general practice in my religious culture.


well, we are taught that our media choices have a big effect on us.

do i agree with this principle?
yes. wholeheartedly and completely, YES.

there seems to be a glaring fallacy surrounding this issue.

i've frequently heard it said,
"but it's OK, because it's only PG-13."

well hey now, let's back this train up.

are the MPAA ratings a good guideline?
to some degree, yes.
these movies usually have their ratings for a reason, and can provide a good ballpark.

but for me...
if my choice is based on my desire to keep the companionship of the Holy Ghost, then i believe the Holy Ghost should be dictating my media choices...
...not the MPAA.

the way i see it, 
the guideline for the media i choose has more to do with the content and less to do with the rating.


it seems to me that there is danger in letting any outside source dictate your choices for you, no?

if i were to give it a blanket statement and say,
"oh, MPAA says it's only this rating, so that makes it OK"

i imagine i'd be setting myself up for trouble.

because who's to say if my personal moral compass will always agree with the MPAA?

honestly, i'm not keen on the idea of putting my agency in someone else's hands.

i think we should each prayerfully draw our own lines, not hand the stick over to society's rating system and ask for their opinion on where we should stand...
...especially if that line in the sand is prone to movement over time.

and the whole "i can watch it cuz it's only such-and-such rating" statement also lends itself to an "i can get away with it" attitude that, frankly, i find repulsive.

for me, morality is much less a matter of can and can't and much more a matter of should and shouldn't.

how do you make YOUR media choices?
do you find that the MPAA guides you pretty well or do you have other personal guidelines?

chewing on this food for thought,


Alexis Kaye said...

agreed. I've walked out of pg-13 movies before or turned them off. I don't think they're automatically okay.

The Ballard Family said...

Agree whole-heartedly. This is all common sense that isn't so common if you ask me. Glad you blogged about it in a big way.

Katie said...

President Benson said, "Don’t see R-rated movies OR vulgar videos OR participate in any entertainment that is immoral, suggestive, or pornographic." Love this post. You already know I agree with you :)

Sierra said...


Oh, Just Livin the Dream

Mattbob said...

You should teach my elders quorum

Naomi Martineau said...

AGREE! I make my own choices, and honestly I watch some rated-R movies but I wouldn't touch some PG-13 movies with very long pole. That's how we did it growing up.

Sherri Romney said...

♥ you Katie. Thanks for saying it.