Friday, June 29, 2012

green dinosaur in the sky.

on wednesday, i fed the missionaries from my church.

and one of them was having a 21st birthday!

and well,
if there's one thing this girl is passionate about,
it's a kick-A birthday celebration.

it began with a cake and a dinosaur pinata...

but when i failed to own rope or a bat,
i said to the missionary,
"how about you just throw it in the air,
and it will crack open on the pavement?"

and thus...

the wind-up...

taking flight...


and it was the happiest of birthdays!

don't worry that i stuffed that pinata full of jolly ranchers,
and tootsie rolls,
and maybe a whole package of sour gummy worms.

i always forget that tootsie rolls exist until pinata time,


Elise Frederickson said...

Love me some tootsie rolls. You are one epic missionary-feeder.

Ariel Tyler said...

haha! Fun!

Emma Frances said...

This is just about the coolest thing ever!