Friday, June 1, 2012

in defense of Lady Gaga, sort of.


so, here’s the scenario:
Lady Gaga schedules a show in Indonesia.
more than 50,000 eager fans purchase tickets.
local religious authorities dislike Lady Gaga's lack of proper morals.
religious authorities cry satanism. 
religious authorities threaten violence. 
Lady Gaga cancels show.

wait, hold all your zack morris brick cellular phones.
religious authorities...lack of proper morals...threaten violence??
i know, take a second to scrape the thick layer of irony off your screen.

now, i’ll be the first to admit that Lady Gaga frequently steps on the toes of my own personal conservative moral values. 
frankly, i don’t like homegirl so much.
and i definitely don't like the idea of her parading around on a stage in a sexually provocative manner either. 
i like that idea very little, in fact.


on what planet does threatening violence equal better morals? planets.
well maybe the planet of the apes.
though, admittedly, i never saw that movie.
either time it came out.
so let’s just move on.

the point is, defending your religious values is a good thing.
being an extremist about it? a bad thing.
sticking to your moral guns? a good thing.
*insert bad pun about moral guns and violence.*
threatening violence to propagate conservative values? duh.

as probably Lady Gaga’s least likely fan, let’s just say...
it takes a lot for me to agree with any moral (or immoral) statement she makes.

but her response to the fiasco via Twitter?
i have to say...well said, Lady Gaga, well said.

hats off but only that piece of clothing please Miss Gaga,
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Katie said...

I hadn't heard about any of this but I love all of your thoughts about it, including Lady Gaga's comment on the matter.

today i said...

I just came across your blog, your blog header is lovely!.

LaynahRose said...

I kinda like the girl. She is very smart and is definitely talented when she isnt being just plain ridiculous.

Flirt Dating Sites in Ireland said...

Lots of people hate Gaga because of her suit of meat, strange make-ups and .... the highest level of popularity. so I think she will lose nothing if the concert is to be canceled.