Monday, January 28, 2013

on living to be remembered

A sweet friend passed away suddenly this weekend, so it's been a bit melancholy around these parts. Whenever someone I care about dies, it always gets me thinking about two things: 

1. The hope I have because of knowledge that there is life after death and that families are forever.
2. Am I living my life in a way that I'd be prepared to die tomorrow? How would people remember me?

When I pictured Steve in my head dozens of times this weekend, it was always a memory of him laughing, usually at his own joke or folly. I hope someday when people are remembering me, that they always picture me laughing.

I'm touched when I scan his Facebook wall and see the kind words from his family and friends, flooding his timeline and bursting at the seams with love, respect and gratitude. I hope by the end of my life that I will have also affected so many lives for good.

Steve was always quick with a compliment or kind word. If he loved my shoes or my hair, or thought I looked pretty, he always told me. When we worked together on planning service projects, he was always behind the scenes doing the less glamorous details like finding ice chests or moving tables around.

When he played sports, he was always the first to encourage his teammates. I hope I can leave that reputation on the field infinitely more than the number of points I've scored or miles I've run.

Like I said, how grateful I am for my knowledge of the eternities! There is no mystery in death, and any sadness I feel is quickly tempered by hope in Jesus Christ.

I am moved by the music and message of "Pilgrim's Song," which you can listen to here. (I warn you to grab tissues first.) Here are some of the lovely lyrics:

My soul now sits and sings
And practices its wings,
And contemplates the hour,
When the messenger shall say,
"Come quit this house of clay,
And with bright angels tower."
My soul doth long to go
Where I may fully know
The glory of my Savior.
And as I pass along,
I’ll sing the Christian song;
I’m going to live forever.

Heaven gained a warrior this weekend!


Chrissy Delacy said...

Not to be morbid but I know how I would remember you and it's nothing short of wonderful. :)

Meg said...

I'm really sorry. That poem is really nice. Xo

Elise Frederickson said...

You are so good with words and such a genuine, caring, and kind person. And I agree with Chrissy.

Brooke said...

I'll be keeping you in my prayers today. Thank you for such an insightful view during even a sad time. You are an incredible example!!

Kerry said...

I'm sorry for your loss, girl. Sending love--

katilda said...

Thanks Chrissy :) Not morbid. The feeling is mutual.

katilda said...

Thank you, Meg! I love the words to that song.

katilda said...

And my comment on Chrissy's comment is ditto'd for you. And ditto'd is now a word.

katilda said...

Thanks for the comment, Brooke :)

katilda said...

Much appreciated! We an all feel the love flooding in over here.