Sunday, October 20, 2013

dear God, you are the movements of my heart

dear God, you are the movements of my heart

the sweet, steady thrum of life in my chest
the swelling of adventure and summer and a fireworks sky
the fluttering of love and whispers of this, maybe this
the stretching of long months and harried days and knee-ridden nights
the shrinking of breaking and losing and leaving
the reaching for far-off places and foreign dreams
the dancing of joy, family and laughs from the belly
the leaping of reunions and what's-next-around-the-corners
the stepping forward and aside and with and away and through
the skipping of nerves and hot, sweaty palms
the dropping and draining of a shared human suffering that pulls like the tides
the swaying of empathy and sympathy and a wide, wailing world
the holding of others, both feeble and fragile
the settling of home, of anchor and harbor
the soaring of triumph and victory, another day, another step, another mile
the throbbing of wanting and waiting and on, on, always, on


CJ said...

This is beautiful. Just beautiful, Katie.

Brooke said...

this is beautiful.

Siri Baxter said...

Love your poem. I have moments where I have to stop everything that I am doing to write one. :) Beautiful!

Miss Twiggy said...

this is really beautiful...

{this is us} said...


Emily said...

Golly, this is really really great.