Wednesday, April 16, 2008

on being grumpy.

My name is Katie E. Hawkes and I am good at being grumpy. I don't do it often, because i generally prefer being, i don't want to scare all my friends away. My family always put up with my grumpies because, well, they had to....that's the beauty of family. 

The reason i say i'm good at being grumpy is that i think i have this talent of putting off this "don't talk to me right now" aura. Even if i'm not internally as grumpy as i let on, i've discovered that if I put off the right level of grumpy vibes then it keeps people away when, frankly, i don't want to be bothered. (The trouble is that i like to laugh SO much, so if something funny happens then i will inevitably giggle and ruin my grumpy facade, thus spoiling my reclusive time. It's probably a healthy thing to have that bubble bursted.) 

Times when i successfully put off this grumpy vibe:
- When i'm sleeping. Do not wake me from naps or beware the wrath. (I actually know people who are frightened of waking me. All i had to do was purposely overreact one time upon violation of my peaceful slumber, and they never tried it again...this works to my advantage, you see.)
- Early in the morning (unless i've woken up on purpose for some fantastical adventure.)
- If i'm using a computer and it is malfunctioning or being slow. (Which is most of the time)
- If it's freezing outside (but catching snowflakes in my mouth is just so darn fun that those obtrusive giggles always interfere with my grumpiness attempts.)
- If someone has eaten my applesauce when i was really expecting to have some. (This has not actually happened to me yet, but if it ever did, I can only imagine....)
- When i'm at work and it's been a long day. 

Case in point: Today is a hecka-long day at work. As i sat at my computer (which of course was running slowly) and pondered the onslaught of things I had to get done (because everyone else ran late on their deadlines), and as people griped at me for running late (hello, not my fault!) and as a co-worker's baby screamed, and as my boss blasted "Hey there delilah" for about the 800th time this semester (A summer of EFY dance music + sappy roommates + my boss's obsession = i really REALLY loathe that song. It's a shame, too, because it's a fairly likable serenade.), and as my lunchtime corndog was too doughy on the inside, i found myself getting grumpier and GRUMPIER. I think i had successfully reached the point where people were avoiding me because of my "Grumpy Vibes," when i went to open my yogurt (which wasn't the flavor i wanted).....and it exploded straight into my face.

Hence, a moment of silence, then a snorting sound, then the giggles burst out of me. What a wonderfully funny thing to happen! My laughter did destroy my grumpy vibes though, so my coworkers have begun assuming it's okay to talk to me again...

Shame, though, because i was SO enjoying listening to my ipod and being a recluse...

And i think there is dried yogurt in my hair. Beautiful day.