Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I love everything about this: 100 things you’ll never regret doing

I feel like it captured pretty much everything I love about life: libraries, giving things to thrift stores, buying lemonade from children, and using a clothesline. *happy sigh*

Along this same vein – I sent the following text(s) to my Mandy-sister last night. We daily share our moments of enlightenment/frustration/silliness/food cravings/shoe cravings with each other via very, very long texts.

A sampling from what I sent her last night:

“You know what I can’t do? Keep my apt clean. You know what I can do? Buy cheap flowers weekly to make it a happy mess. You know what I can’t do? Have time to make pasta that doesn’t involve…gasp…canned chicken. You know what I can do? Use whole wheat pasta and peas to balance any health issues.”

(5 min later)

“My big pasta pot developed leaking holes in the bottom. I shall plant something in it instead and embrace the holes. Also I don’t have a vase…so my cheap flowers live in a blender. You know why? Because I don’t have time to make smoothies.”

(1 min later)

“You know what I can’t do? The dishes. Because I’m cooking this pasta one piece at a time with my small pot. So the chicken and peas are taking their turn draining in the sink.”

And I thusly find myself excited about the prospect of planting things in decrepit kitchen accessories. I would very much like to plant something in a toaster. My long-term goal involves a garden inside an old bathtub. One with lion feet.

Ah, dreams.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Proton Girl

Well this is pretty neat…
This is Times Square. Those are my words. On a building. Woot.

Something to put on a resume, eh?
One point for Career-Barbie Katie!

Feel like getting inspired?
Dare you to not get teary eyed.