Friday, June 10, 2016

And then it was June


Happy Summer, one and all! It's officially upon us. And I've been up to some big things! Let's do this list style....with exclamation points!

New job!

I am currently two weeks into a new job, and it is loverly. I'm a Program Coordinator at Insight Data Science -- refer to my Instagram post to read about what that means because #imlazy. I'm enjoying my work, I'm enjoying the people, and I'm enjoying an even shorter commute (translation: I cut down a 15-min commute to a 5-min commute) (not mad). I feel good feelings in my bones about this whole change and I'm excited to see everything that comes of it.

My headshot for the company website:

Personal Trainer!

While trying to figure out what gym to go to, or if I should get into barre or pilates or martial arts or what-have-you, I came across a personal trainer on Yelp whose studio happened to be across the street from my apartment. Score! She has a legit background (including time as an Olympian for taekwondo, wha??) and I'm loving our sessions so far. My goal is to build more muscle and strength, feel healthier, and also learn howthehell to work out effectively so when our 2 months of sessions end I can go to the gym on my own not feeling like a cottonheaded ninnymuggins. Stay tuned!

A sugary snack my trainer told me not to eat but I'm all about moderation:


My first term of grad school......check!  What I know after finishing my first classes: People management is fascinating and fun to talk about and definitely my passion, as expected. Accounting makes my eyeballs feel hot cheeto flames. Definitely had a few nights where it got to me that my attendance and efforts weren't giving me the same results that I experienced in my undergrad and all prior schooling....but you know that whole "don't judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree" thing? Yes. That. I know I have areas of strength and smarts, and the way that manifests in each class may vary widely. I do my best with the time and brainpower I've got, and that's worth being proud of at the end of the day. And now....on to summer school! Which is...another accounting class! the bandaid off all at once, right?

I have no pictures of school that don't involve me celebrating small successes by eating things my trainer told me not to eat. I CAN'T LEAVE A PAPER TRAIL GUYS WHAT IF SHE FINDS THIS YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING OK I'M SORRY FOR SUBTLY MENTIONING HOT CHEETOS EARLIER


It takes me awhile to drive to school a couple nights a week, so I've started getting into audio books. My current two picks: When Breath Becomes Air (about a neurosurgeon who is diagnosed with cancer -- for when I'm feeling serious) and Discovery of Witches (think a grown-up, more sciency/smart version of Twilight set at Oxford in which a witch falls for a vampire -- recommended by my girl Kayla, for when I'm feeling lighthearted).

Me, perusing a non-audio book:

And that is all for now, my friends. Looking forward to the weeks and months to come with all of the above-named and yet-to-be-named adventures and shenanigans. I got some plans up my sleeves.