About Me

I've been told I'm a free bird.

I actually think I'm more like a cat. I like naps, sitting in warm spots of sun, spurts of spontaneous energy and interpersonal boundaries.

Key facts: I frequently daydream about living in Iceland and taking a civilian trip to outer space someday. I once tackled a pig at a rodeo and named him Wilbur, and I have an ancient Viking relative named Eric Bloodaxe.

If you want me in a nutshell...

I'm a former full-time writer and Arizona girl currently working by day in the recruiting biz and earning an MBA by night in northern California, aka the Garden of Eden because I've never seen so many trees in my desert life.

I've got a passion for healthy living, education, simplicity and introversion, refreshing transparency and honesty, reading my guts out, Instagram, being kind to other humans, drinking slushies, not being religious because been there did that for a long time, wearing plaid flannel and red lipstick, listening to hippie folk music and volunteering the stitches out of local nonprofits. Ultimate Frisbee makes my heart beat faster and my world go round. Perpetually having travel plans in the near future gives me a buoyant sense of hope and purpose, as does as an order of waffle fries. I shop at thrift stores and will never be able to keep my room or car free of clutter, try as I might. I drive a MINI named June Cooper and I'm in deep, crazy love with her. I've been a bridesmaid 14 times and counting, and I firmly believe the best TV shows came from the 1990s.

Also, I am in a committed relationship with my gray jersey sheets and I sleep best in gray pajamas.

Welcome to my little corner of the Internets.

You're welcome to stay, but please do not yell or make a ruckus unnecessarily or I may become overwhelmed and retreat to the food table.