Wednesday, December 31, 2008

summa cum bologna

Well, dearest amigos, I survived semester #1 at the illustrious Y university.

The count is A, two A-'s, one B+, one B-, and one C+.


Cumulative 3.69

Let's be honest...i expected much worse. I had some days/weeks where my highest hopes were to simply pass all my classes.

I feel entirely unashamed of myself, and since this is my blog, i reserve space for bragging rights now and again. And this is a now. Stay tuned for an again.

I figure it would be UNhealthy if i graduated college without at least one C on my record. I feel a little more human now. No more undue pressure to combat the evil curve...aka, compete against my fellow BYU students. If they want the 4.0's, they can take ' i choose life.

One more semester to go....just one :)
The forecast: Something like 19 credits....including an internship....a part-time job....Make a Wish....and all that snow to walk through.
Gonna be a doozy, kids.

Good thing i look awesome in a cap and gown.

Kuzko: "Sharp rocks at the bottom?"
Pacha: "Most Likely."

Kuzko: "...Bring it on."

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

on broadway.

So I pretty much have the greatest roommates ever.
A semester in the life...

The one type of facial hair that isn't against the honor code....mustaches. Sick.

Guitar time outside our apartment! Notice the porch swing....we love that porch swing. We're moving it inside for the winter.

We know we look good. My teeth are glowing.

Sun stare.

We all happened to wear matching-ish outfits to church one week. Three in blank, the other three in light pink and white. Kind of creepy, but why pass up a photo op....


So, it's pretty much given that, if you're in a YSA student ward, about once a year you'll have a talent show.

And, it's pretty much given that, if you live with me, you have to be in that talent show performing some kind of skit that is basically devoid of the aforementioned "talent."

Sophomore year: Dancing to the Men n' Black theme song. In banana suits. The actual choreography from the music video. Won both the ward and stake levels.

Junior year: Interpretive poetry/dance to Colors of the Wind. Won the ward level. Performed at the stake level, but they didn't give out prizes this year....I think they didn't want to make our competitors feel bad.

Senior year: Well....see you for yourself...

From left to right, it's Kirtley, Jane, me (in red), and Nicole. My other two roommates are working the curtains (Lauralee) or filming (Kels).
Yes, we made this up like 30 min before we went on stage.
No, don't ask how we got our bodies into those sweatshirts.

This is a perfect example of why it's important not to bury your "talents."
There weren't any prizes awarded this year, and no stake show to get promoted to....which is funny, considering that everything else at BYU is about competition...but in our hearts, we know we would have won.

Oh, how I love us.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

astronautics & life dreams ▲

Considering that I'm going to graduate from college in a few short months, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do with my life. And tonight I started thinking about some things I have always secretly wanted to do. And lucky you, you get to hear about them!

So, in no particular order....

Hairstyling. Although it will be nice to get a bachelor's degree, I sometimes wonder why I didn't just go to hair school and have a career by now. Maybe someday I will just go!

Music video making. The truth is, I know very little about video editing and even less about dance choreography...BUT....i've always wanted to direct a music video. Sometimes I listen to songs and I have genius ideas. (Admit've all done it.)

Wildebeest hunting. Okay, this one is a lie. Moving on.

Traveling the world. I never wanted to travel the world until recently. I got all excited about the idea and then remembered that you have to have money and speak other languages and not be afraid of big cities to accomplish this dream. Perhaps someday...

Write a book. Or an article that goes in a magazine. Something besides writing inane articles for the education website at BYU....which I do....every day....

Culinary arts. Let's be honest, I get pretty creative when I cook. As in, i make up measurements and substitute things here and there. Hey, no one's died yet....

The East Coast. I guess this is kind of like traveling....but wouldn't it be awesome to be brave enough to wear a trench coat and live in the big city where the leaves change colors?? Mmm.

A small town. I want this more than the East Coast. A big porch, a clothesline, and a treehouse. And a diner down the road where I can drink hot chocolate with the local nosy old people who wear flannel shirts and talk about the high school football team. Beautiful. (Okay, i might get sick of it....but i want to try for a little while...)

California. As long as I was listing desired residencies, this had to be on the list. The beach. The sun. Need I say more?? Too bad my mom thinks the whole state's gonna fall off into the ocean one of these days.

Professional skater. (Ice or street.) I rollerbladed like crazy when I was little. Besides being accident prone, I can see great things happening with me...sort of....with the right training....and protective gear....

Own a cardigan in every color. Let's face it, it's my favorite piece of clothing. I wish I had a whole closetful. I'm not even sure why this is on this list. I was just thinking about it, that's all...

Artist. Basically, I suck at drawing. I wish I knew how to draw. And paint. And watercolor. And sculpt.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Besides the fact that it took me 50 tries to spell millionaire, wouldn't it be great to go on this show? Just to see if I lucked out with questions I happen to know the answers to??

Price is Right. I included this on the list, but this dream died when Bob Barker retired. May my ghetto gameshow aspirations rest in peace.

Learn ASL (sign language). Isn't it a beautiful language? I would feel so mysterious if I could succesfully communicate with people across the room.

Be really awesome at the guitar. I've always thought I had this talent is just waiting to burst onto the scene.....i'm still waiting, talent....still waiting....

Own a whole room of amazing children's books. No worldly possession would thrill me more!

Rent an amazing sports car for one day and drive it around. Hello, Mustang...

Healthy food. I simply LOVE my own way. I can't say I chow down on tofu or the like. BUT....whole wheat, 100% juice, anything not fried....hello favorites. Someday I want to be really really good at always eating these things instead of random stuff from my freezer (except corn dogs...I will never give up on the corn dogs.) Along with this, I want to someday be a successful gardener. Then I can grow my own healthy food. And some flowers.

Save all the orphans and poor childrens in the world. I'm still working on the logistics...

Be computer/tech savvy. Wouldn't it be convenient to know these things?? I'm almost capable of working a DVD player, but Tivo/DVR is still a mystery...

Oh there are so many things! And i'll probably remember a few more as soon as I post this. But I will spare you all from continuing to read....

Me and my Saturday night thank you for your time :)


it's easy as ABC

well after spending a loooong afternoon in the library....and consequently thinking i might just sit down and cry if i did ANY more studying on my saturday night before finals....i decided to wait until Monday to hit the books again. It might cost me a couple points on a couple exams, but sheesh, it'll save my tear ducts some grief.

but it turns out that everyone else in good ol' p-town is STILL STUDYING on saturday night, so i quickly ran out of things to keep me entertained. hence, i started perusing people's blogs. hence, i found this neat thing to do.

is blogging on a saturday night almost cooler than doing hmwk?? amuse me.

A is for age: 21 and 10 months. The big 22 is just around the corner, friends!
B is for Breakfast: i think i ate raisin bran crunch. but, i also ate waffles for dinner.
C is for Career: i'm going to make houses out of playdough. with my bare hands. college degrees will take you far these days.
D is for Dog’s name: i don't have a dog, dangit. family did get a cat today.
E is for Essential Item I use Everyday: um...cell phone? laptop? snowboots?
F is for Favorite T.V. Show: boy meets world. how i love thee....
G is for Favorite Game: like board game? how about chutes and ladders.
H is for Hometown: gilbert, areezona. home of....a water tower....and...uh...joe's BBQ...
I is for Instruments I play: piano...guitar...ukulele...harmonica...violin....vocal cords....
J is for Favorite Juice: anything 100% juice. corn syrup in "juice" ticks me off.
K is for Kissed: i'm not sure what the question is here. but guess what? i bought lipsmackers strawberry kiwi lip gloss the other day. takes me back to the good ol' days...
L is Last Place I Ate out: Zupas! best place in the provo/orem area.
M is for Marriage: i can't even play this one off and talk about lip gloss. i got nothin.
N is for Nickname: my roommate calls me bahook-sauce and my bro calls me bonelli.
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays: nope, never
P is People I was with Today: my roommates....people at the library...
Q is for Quote: my mind suddenly goes blank....there are so many i like.
R is for Biggest Regret: not becoming an accomplished ice skater.
S is for Sport: i live to play ultimate frisbee. unfortunately, nobody plays with me anymore, which therefore implies that i am dead. i like to watch baseball. and basketball. and others.
T is for time I Woke up today: late! 10am. it was beautiful. yay saturday.
U is for Favorite Unbelievable random fact: i drank my roommate's milk today. shhhh.
V is for Last Vacation you took: i drove to walmart like a week ago....
W is for Worst Habit: reading text messages while driving. gah. not sending them...but still...i know...
X is for X-rays I have had: teeth...tummy....ankle....head....random other broken parts, i'm sure.
Y is for Yummy Food You Ate Today: a slice of a chocolate orange. delectable. okay i ate 2 slices.
Z is for Zodiac: "this is the dawning of the age of aquarius...da da da....AQUARIUS!"

now everyone who read this can tell me i'm pathetic and need to find something productive to do.


i'm going to write another blog. just watch me.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

blast from the past.

Remember that time i used to write for a newspaper?
Well, since i came to BYU i've been reading the Daily Universe (the on-campus newspaper here) and silently critiquing it in my head (shame on me...i refuse to be a grammar snob).
But even though i do NOT miss the late/early hours, the perpetual smudges of black ink of my fingers/clothes, working every single saturday, invading people's lives to get quotes for a story, or the cynical/conflict-hungry environment...
i DO miss having my words in print. i miss it very much.

So, this week when i got bothered about something....i wrote about it. And sent it in. And they printed it. And i feel good :)

(Premise for the letter: the Daily Universe is sponsoring this competition all week where students solve puzzles in the newspaper and then stand in lines all over campus to get entered in drawings to win fancy prizes. Turns out i have an opinion about this...)

Here it is:

Tis the season for giving, and the Daily Universe got the idea right…sort of. If I may alter the slogan a bit, tis the season for giving to those less fortunate. Forgive me, but handing out ritzy
televisions and flashy video game systems to the quickest puzzle-solvers on campus doesn't quite seem to fit the bill. Remember just a few short weeks ago when the student body of BYU was petitioned to donate canned goods to benefit families who go without during the holiday season? Let's do the math: An 88-cent can of whatever-looks-least-appetizing-in-the-back-of-the-cupboard, versus an HD TV or a $500 Visa gift card. I'm sure those cans of food added up, and I commend the student body for giving to the cause…but why do we turn around so suddenly and start giving to ourselves? Couldn't these same families who ate our canned cranberry sauce benefit from a new TV, or a $500 gift card to buy Christmas presents to fill the empty space under the tree? Honestly people, let's think a little harder about this, and try putting our money in the right place. Maybe I'll just petition all you tender hearts out there to vie for the prizes and do something charitable with the cash you win. Please, let's not forget the reason for the season. (Hint: it's not a Nintendo Wii).

Yep that's about it. Good times.
People have been telling me all day that they liked my letter and that they didn't know I'm a writer. And I laugh....because it's kind of nice not be be "newspaper girl." Maybe i'll just surprise people every now and then.