Saturday, December 13, 2008

it's easy as ABC

well after spending a loooong afternoon in the library....and consequently thinking i might just sit down and cry if i did ANY more studying on my saturday night before finals....i decided to wait until Monday to hit the books again. It might cost me a couple points on a couple exams, but sheesh, it'll save my tear ducts some grief.

but it turns out that everyone else in good ol' p-town is STILL STUDYING on saturday night, so i quickly ran out of things to keep me entertained. hence, i started perusing people's blogs. hence, i found this neat thing to do.

is blogging on a saturday night almost cooler than doing hmwk?? amuse me.

A is for age: 21 and 10 months. The big 22 is just around the corner, friends!
B is for Breakfast: i think i ate raisin bran crunch. but, i also ate waffles for dinner.
C is for Career: i'm going to make houses out of playdough. with my bare hands. college degrees will take you far these days.
D is for Dog’s name: i don't have a dog, dangit. family did get a cat today.
E is for Essential Item I use Everyday: um...cell phone? laptop? snowboots?
F is for Favorite T.V. Show: boy meets world. how i love thee....
G is for Favorite Game: like board game? how about chutes and ladders.
H is for Hometown: gilbert, areezona. home of....a water tower....and...uh...joe's BBQ...
I is for Instruments I play: piano...guitar...ukulele...harmonica...violin....vocal cords....
J is for Favorite Juice: anything 100% juice. corn syrup in "juice" ticks me off.
K is for Kissed: i'm not sure what the question is here. but guess what? i bought lipsmackers strawberry kiwi lip gloss the other day. takes me back to the good ol' days...
L is Last Place I Ate out: Zupas! best place in the provo/orem area.
M is for Marriage: i can't even play this one off and talk about lip gloss. i got nothin.
N is for Nickname: my roommate calls me bahook-sauce and my bro calls me bonelli.
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays: nope, never
P is People I was with Today: my roommates....people at the library...
Q is for Quote: my mind suddenly goes blank....there are so many i like.
R is for Biggest Regret: not becoming an accomplished ice skater.
S is for Sport: i live to play ultimate frisbee. unfortunately, nobody plays with me anymore, which therefore implies that i am dead. i like to watch baseball. and basketball. and others.
T is for time I Woke up today: late! 10am. it was beautiful. yay saturday.
U is for Favorite Unbelievable random fact: i drank my roommate's milk today. shhhh.
V is for Last Vacation you took: i drove to walmart like a week ago....
W is for Worst Habit: reading text messages while driving. gah. not sending them...but still...i know...
X is for X-rays I have had: teeth...tummy....ankle....head....random other broken parts, i'm sure.
Y is for Yummy Food You Ate Today: a slice of a chocolate orange. delectable. okay i ate 2 slices.
Z is for Zodiac: "this is the dawning of the age of aquarius...da da da....AQUARIUS!"

now everyone who read this can tell me i'm pathetic and need to find something productive to do.


i'm going to write another blog. just watch me.

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