Friday, August 31, 2012

single ladies window decal

i made something:

because us single gals want to decorate our windows too, right?

don't worry.
i'll mass print them and sell them soon.

would you buy one?
i can make that happen.

no i'm not bitter but you have to admit it is funny,

Thursday, August 30, 2012

concert review: brown bird & tobie milford

last night, me and this lady got gussied up and went a-concerting!

on to the music review...

think folk music meets indie meets gypsy.
and, seriously, this duo had legit instrumental skills.
fiddle? upright bass? cello? guitar? kickdrums? banjo?
they. killed. it. all.
i wanted to hoe-down the night away!
check them out here.

let me just say...
seriously. so. excellent.
he just fiddled away and threw some sweet vocals in there, 
and i tell you want, i was a happy little clam.
like, i couldn't wipe the silly grin off my face during his music.
check him out here.

p.s. tobie is playing a free show at crescent ballroom in phx on sept. 18
yes...yes you bet my little fiddling heart will be there.

i woke up this morning and my hair looked like this:

apparently it enjoyed the hoe-down, too. my hair partied like it was 1999

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

even traffic school can be entertaining

remember that time when i fought the law and the law won?
it's true...i am guilty.

i didn't pause long enough at a red light before turning right.
*sits in corner and hides face in shame*

the result is,
i had the distinct pleasure of spending a few hours with my new friend,
online traffic school.

katie is not impressed by this situation:

in any case, here are several odd moments from the course...

...the answer is yes.
yes you read that last one correctly.

...and no.
no i have no idea either.

have you ever been to traffic school? good stories for me?

paid my debt to society,

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

writing: muscle memory ▲

i know i'm different than you remember

and it's not just the hair, or the clothes, or the perfume
if you know well enough,
which i know you do,
then you'll see it otherwise

in the carriage of my shoulders,
a little steadier than before

and in the lines around my eyes,
a little deeper than you'd remember

in the set of my lips,
bearing a little more truth than they ever knew before

it's in the way i rest my hands openly on the table
and the way my chin lifts when i talk to you
and my eyes don't fall to the crevices in the floor

i know you know it

and you might not recognize me for it

but just so you know,
it's the same warm heart beating behind my ribs

and that part of me will always know your name.

Monday, August 27, 2012

why yes, i did design my own watch...

i've never really been a watch-wearing girl,
but i've been trying it out this week.

and then,
a lady at the movie theatre flagged me down to ask where i got it.
which made me feel all totally stylish and stuff.

see, there are these j3ll watches...

...and you get to design your own!

you pick the shape, the band color and the face color,
and bam! you're all unique and stuff!

i had a heckuva time choosing my colors,
but i finally settled on the all-white situation:

oh hey flower pants!
and yes, that cassette tape is my iphone case, if you're new here.

the flexible band means it doesn't drive me crazy to have on my wrist while i'm typing all day at work.

money-saving tip:
check out the top of the j3ll website.
if you Like them on facebook, you get free shippng!
other social media promotions will score you even more discounts.

and, well, i do like me some savvy social marketing.

go. partake. enhance your punctuality.

rocking the arm candy,

Saturday, August 25, 2012

5 funny memes, and stuff.

my blog stats tell me that my new facebook page is sending several people to visit el blog this weekend, soooo...

1. welcome! bienvenidos!
um...*insert star trek hand gesture*

2. here are several huh-larious memes to greet you.
because i know how to treat my guests right.

Source: Uploaded by user via Katie Elizabeth on Pinterest

find me on el pinterest if it seems that you enjoy what i enjoy!

also, share your favorite memes with me,
either via comment or on my facebook page.
please and thank you!

will never complain about friendzone again #oneuppedbysnape,


Friday, August 24, 2012 is now on facebook!

yes, it has happened.

i made a facebook page for!

check it out here,
and you know, Like it maybe?

does your blog have a facebook page?
do tell!
i'd love to check it out.

also, a thank you to everyone who commented on yesterday's post.
i think the discussion has been refreshingly positive.
i would love to hear from you if you didn't comment yet!

see you on the ol' facebook,

Thursday, August 23, 2012

mitt romney vs. barack obama

today marks the first open political discussion on!

*cheers! finger snaps! jazz hands! slight trepidation!*

oh look, here are the men of the hour, both giving a thumbs up:

i want you to tell me who you plan to vote for, and why.
emphasis on the word for.
i do not want you to tell me who to vote against.
i don't want to hear why romney is bad or obama is bad.
i do want to hear why romney is good and why obama is good.
links and articles to support your viewpoints are more than welcome!

we're focusing on the positive!

1. you may not speak ill of any candidiate.
2. you may not attack another person's comment.

if you break my rules, i will:
1. delete your Hater McHaterface comment.
2. question your ability to properly read English.
3. think grumpy thoughts in your direction.
4. demand your firstborn child as payment.
5. name that child Hater McHaterface.

and he'll look like this:
got it? excellent.

my brain cells await your vast wealth of knowledge,

remember this post about how it takes someone with true class and intelligence to defend their position simply on its good merits without insulting the other side? this is like that. just keepin' it classy!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

on choosing to be vulnerable.

my willingness to be vulnerable is one of my favorite things about myself.
it goes hand in hand with a naturally open heart,
an innate sense of trust, 
and an unfailing inclination to assume the best about people.

other fact:
sometimes those things mean getting kicked in the face.

but hands down,
i'd rather be open and take the risk.
i'd rather assume the best than the worst.
i'd rather get hurt than have a closed heart.
and i really mean that.

basically, if you've seen he's just not that into you,
i am Gigi:

what about you? 
are you a Gigi? or are you more cautious?

i need to print up that Gigi meme and pin it to my wall,

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

if you're looking for colored skinny pants...

so, i've had my heart set for awhile on finding floral skinny pants.

so imagine my delight when i made this discovery, 
at a county fair in idaho, of all places...

purchased from: the jean girl
aka stephanie, who was nice as all get-out and cute as a button 

what's unique & great is that she sells two types of colored skinnies,
the jean-type and the more stretchy spandexy-type.
i'm a fan of the jean-type myself, but i love that she has options!
(just ask her to know which colors come in which type.)

and for as low as $28 a pop, your wallet won't be suffering.

and oh! the colors!

check out her website,
like her facebook page to stay in the loop,
and mayhaps try some colored denim of your own?

and of course send me pictures when you do.
pictures of you having adventures, such as petting a giant pig:

my heart went and animorphed into a pair of flower pants,

Monday, August 20, 2012

i done gone went and been interviewed by someone

that post title...i don't know.

but i do know that the lovely crystalee from delighted to write interviewed me and spotlighted me on her writing blog!

go here to read the interview and my rambling answers about writing, fire poles, where the word "katilda" came from...all the goods.

she says flattering things about me, such as:

"Sometimes you come across a writer who fills a void you didn’t know you had."


and peruse the rest of her writing blog while you're at it.
good stuff.

plus she'll be spotlighting more writers in the future.
i fully expect they'll be fascinating people to network with!

if i am in a spotlight i hope it is shaped like a bat signal,

i ran away to idaho this weekend!
pictures to come tomorrow.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

i made a meme, and other stuff.

after the explosions of this post and mostly this post,
i think we could all do with a fluffier blog day, amiright?

so, you know...'s some pictures and stuff.

remember my excitement about the mars landing?
yep, i made a shirt:

the breakfast concoction that changed my life:
aka wheat bagel thin, cream cheese, rasperries & cucumber

my coworkers' version of coasters:

had the following textersation with a dear friend,
afer she found out that the sandlot was filmed in Utah:

...yes the all caps was necessary.

up and decided to cut 4 inches off my hair:

then experimented with the forehead braid:

and, you know,
spent my lunch break on wednesday making a meme:

dr. quinn medicine woman's got nothing on me,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

how to love yourself without hating other people ▲

Another working title for this blog post might be,
"how NOT to have self esteem"

Let's start with the fact that I almost liked this inspirational meme until the part in yellow:

Dearest creator of this poster,
who cares what your skinny roommate is doing?
what does that have to do with your body?

I've written about this topic before,

it's rare to find someone who's able to eloquently state their opinions these days without using hate or insult or comparison to get their point across.

you want to be a stay-at-home mom?
awesome. that doesn't make working women the enemy.
are you curvy and not a size 2?
awesome. that doesn't make skinny girls the enemy.
you want to be republican?
awesome. that doesn't make democrats the enemy.
you want to go to hogwarts?
awesome. that doesn't make death eaters the...

no wait, i take that last part back.

the point is,
a self-esteem that's built on tearing others down to make yourself feel good about your own life isn't healthy self-esteem at all.

it's actually just childish.

i think it takes someone with true class and intelligence to be able to defend their own position simply on its good merits, without needing to insult the other side to do so.

try this approach:
stop worrying what everyone else is doing that's different than you, and you might finally end up happy and at peace with your own life.

you can be like this majestic stallion,
galloping regally in the wind with your blinders on:


because, seriously, who doesn't want to be a majestic stallion?

now let's all hold hands and practice the phrase,
"i think i'm right and that doesn't make you satan."

free-love hippie blog post,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

dating: blasts from the past

so, i'm not taylor swift.

i know, what?!

but seriously,
i can't go around talking openly about my dating life on my blog, because...
...well, that would be awkward and inappropriate, 
because the boys i date have feelings and deserve their privacy.

maybe i should try writing not-so-vague songs and become a country superstar...?


but, specifics or not,
my dating life is straight-up nutty these days!

like, the activity level is off the charts.
which is so strangely abnormal for me, let's be real about this.

and lately,
the theme has been blasts from the past.

several boys from olden times have cropped back up again.
some of which,
things didn't go so well the first time around.

here's the thing about me:
i'm incredibly trusting.
but i'm also smart,
so i don't jump into second chances without a lot of thought and frank communication.

curious for your thoughts:

have you ever tried for round 2 with someone?
thoughts on second chances?

funny enough,
t.swiz released a new song today and it's all freaky relevant to my life...

ponderous and frequently surprised these days,

Monday, August 13, 2012

the worst week....ever.

it's no secret that i hate shark week.

think i'm being irrational?
picture something you're deathly afraid of.
like, makes your arms go numb kind of fear.
then picture an entire week where no one will shut up about it.
putting it on their tellyvisions...
posting it on their facebooks...
cluttering up your twitter feed...
are ya with me?

heart. uh. tack.

these are my complete feelings on the matter:


also, the following textersation occurred last night:

[sends me a horrifying picture of a shark which i refuse to post]

in the most loving way possible...i hate you right now.

how much would you love me if i sent you one shark photo per day?


i see. thanks for speaking my language.

exponential increase of sea creature terror,

Friday, August 10, 2012

it's happening again.

remember last friday when my coworkers said such endearing and loving things about my pink neon shirt?

well, naturally,
i felt compelled to one-up my own level of brightness this week:

best comment of note thus far:
"i'm drawn to you like a bug to one of those special lights."


Thursday, August 9, 2012

music: us against the world

oh morning come bursting the clouds, amen.
lift off this blindfold, let me see again.
and bring back the water, let your ships roll in, in my heart, she left a hole.
the tightrope that i'm walking just sways and ties.
the devil, as he's talking, with those angel's eyes.
and i just wanna be there when the lightning strikes,
and the saints go marching in.

and sing slow it down,
through chaos as it swirls,
it's us against the world.

like a river to a raindrop, i lost a friend.
my drunken has a daniel in a lion's den.
and tonight i know it all has to begin again,
so whatever you do, don't let go.
and if we could float away,
fly up to the surface and just start again,
and lift off before trouble just erodes us in the rain,
just erodes us in the rain
just erodes us and see roses in the rain

sing slow it down, slow it down

through chaos as it swirls,
it's us against the world.

what are you listening to today?

sing slow it down, slow it down,

how much do i love that the new spider-man movie included one of my fav coldplay songs as the music for an action sequence?
i mean, that was a seriously great artistic choice.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

on jeans & boyfriends, and maybe boyfriend jeans.


thesis: shopping for jeans is like finding a boyfriend.
seriously, you know those ever-elusive, perfect, jeans-of-your-dreams?
those = boyfriend.

let’s review the evidence:

+it’s a haphazard treasure hunt to find the perfect pair.
+what works for another may not work for you.
+if someone else has the perfect pair, you can’t just share them.
+sometimes, what works at first is a very big fail after further investigation.
+you may have to turn to online searches.
+why do the leg seams twist to the front sometimes? what is that about?
+no, i don't know how that last one relates to boyfriends.
+when you do find that magical pair, it just works.
+once you’ve had the very best, it’s hard to settle for less.

i’m right, aren’t i?
let’s go with yes, since this is my blog and i get to decide.

funny enough, something called “boyfriend jeans” actually exists:


...maybe this will solve my problems on both ends?

i found magic jeans once.
they were at a resale shop, and they were fantastic.
they did all the right things for my bod.
and they only cost me 18 smackers.

this was true love.

...until the day they decided to rip in the nether regions.
...while i was at a party.
...thanks for turning on me, magic pants.

in the meantime, there's always my beloved overalls.
they're like pants with benefits.
which brings an entirely new level to this analogy.

any success or fail jeans stories out there?
...or additions to my rambling jeans vs. boyfriend analogy?

something about apple bottoms and boots with da fur,

blog post sponsored by Transform You AZ.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

on hope and such

my sense of hope has always been incessantly buoyant.
annoyingly so, at times.

i am innately prone to hoping over quitting.
which always comes hand in hand with more risk.

logic doesn't always agree with hope.
and it is so incredibly, obviously, pervasively easy to opt for negativity.

and negativity says,
"why bother"
"it's always the same"
"don't even try"
"get out while you still can"
"why set yourself up for failure"

but hope simply says,
"why not"
"you can do this"
"you never know"
"trust your gut"

hope is liberation,
because it's all mine.
circumstance is not in charge,
but i am.

and hope keeps going.
skinned knees and all, it keeps going.


“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”
emily dickinson

Monday, August 6, 2012

we found Mars in a hopeless place

ok so if you didn't know...
we landed on mars!

its name is Curiosity:


and we found these guys...

ok that last part wasn't entirely true.

but we did land a rover on mars.
and i watched it happen, live.
on my iphone.

welcome to the future, eh?

but probably my favorite part was watching nasa celebrate...



i mean, all that jumping and hugging and high-fiving!
i wanted to be at that party so badly.
best. nerd. celebration. ever.


still waiting for my invite, NASA,