Saturday, August 25, 2012

5 funny memes, and stuff.

my blog stats tell me that my new facebook page is sending several people to visit el blog this weekend, soooo...

1. welcome! bienvenidos!
um...*insert star trek hand gesture*

2. here are several huh-larious memes to greet you.
because i know how to treat my guests right.

Source: Uploaded by user via Katie Elizabeth on Pinterest

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also, share your favorite memes with me,
either via comment or on my facebook page.
please and thank you!

will never complain about friendzone again #oneuppedbysnape,



Alexis Kaye said...


Emma Frances said...

This is good stuff! Yay for new Facebook/blog friends visiting!!

Unknown said...

I hate it when I get #oneuppedbysnape

The Ballard Family said...

That Harry one kills me.