Tuesday, August 21, 2012

if you're looking for colored skinny pants...

so, i've had my heart set for awhile on finding floral skinny pants.

so imagine my delight when i made this discovery, 
at a county fair in idaho, of all places...

purchased from: the jean girl
aka stephanie, who was nice as all get-out and cute as a button 

what's unique & great is that she sells two types of colored skinnies,
the jean-type and the more stretchy spandexy-type.
i'm a fan of the jean-type myself, but i love that she has options!
(just ask her to know which colors come in which type.)

and for as low as $28 a pop, your wallet won't be suffering.

and oh! the colors!

check out her website,
like her facebook page to stay in the loop,
and mayhaps try some colored denim of your own?

and of course send me pictures when you do.
pictures of you having adventures, such as petting a giant pig:

my heart went and animorphed into a pair of flower pants,


Elizabeth Downie said...

Love the jeans! The setting you took the pictures in is way cool too. Love it!

Sierra said...

Haha no way! The jean girl is the live-in manager at an apartment complex I used to live at in Rexburg.

katilda said...

Thanks! I was visiting my sisters in Idaho and they have these sweet gardens on the BYU-I campus. If I went to school there, I'm pretty sure I'd never leave that garden.

katilda said...

Small world!! Too funny.