Tuesday, August 28, 2012

writing: muscle memory ▲

i know i'm different than you remember

and it's not just the hair, or the clothes, or the perfume
if you know well enough,
which i know you do,
then you'll see it otherwise

in the carriage of my shoulders,
a little steadier than before

and in the lines around my eyes,
a little deeper than you'd remember

in the set of my lips,
bearing a little more truth than they ever knew before

it's in the way i rest my hands openly on the table
and the way my chin lifts when i talk to you
and my eyes don't fall to the crevices in the floor

i know you know it

and you might not recognize me for it

but just so you know,
it's the same warm heart beating behind my ribs

and that part of me will always know your name.


Annie Citrine said...

I love these writings you do.

Monica Christiansen said...

I think this is my favorite one thus far! Beautiful.

Tyson J Oliver said...

This just reminds me how intrigued I am with your life.

Becca said...

Oh my! So wonderful! I just barely found your blog and read some of your older posts! I love your blog! And, your sense of humor just kills me! So great! I'm extremely glad I just found your blog! Maybe come visit me at my blog..? That would be cool. Either way, New Follower here!!



Amy said...

dang. this is some good stuff. impressive, girl.

Emily said...

This was LOVELY.