Friday, March 18, 2016

One Work Week in New York City

Please sing title to the tune of Wicked's "One short day in the Emerald City...."

Now that we've gotten that out of the way....yes! I went to NYC for a week for a work trip. Stayed at the Soho Grand hotel (they give you a pet goldfish for your room if you ask the front desk -- obsessed!) and worked at my company's office in the Meatpacking District.

Let me first say about NYC: I love the subway. I love its efficiency (when it's not broken).  I love not worrying about parking and accounting for travel time other than exactly how long the train takes. It s so lovely and San Francisco pales in comparison for a visitor getting around.

Let me next say about NYC: What a magic place! I feel like I'm in a movie when I'm there. The last time I went there was about 5 years ago, and I love how much less intimidated I felt this time around. Maybe because I've traveled more since then? NYC felt accessible to me. Full of treasures I could just choose to see, and then easily go see them. ALSO THE FOOD YUMMMM

And let me finally say about NYC: Don't lick the subway poles or you'll get sick. JK, I didn't do that. But I did get sick, which was a bummer, but I still did so many good things before the illness plagued me! So I'm still a happy clam.

Headed out tomorrow on a non-work trip (EXCITED) (STAY TUNED) (and follow along at @katildagrams on Instagram) (March is a whirlwind!), and I wanted to document NYC before I leave for that.

On to the pictures!

First and most important: I SAW HAMILTON. It is everything it's cracked up to be and more. Please catch it when it starts touring to a city near you next year!
(Not picture: the slowly raging sore throat that hit me that day. I would not be stopped.)

Shake Shack first-timer. SOLD.

Stumbled across an amateur ice-skating competition in Central Park. 

Freedom Tower

Mmmm pastries

New York Public Library

Grand Central Station - Y U SO PRETTY

Also saw this one -- can never say no to Les Mis!

Chocolate Salted Caramel Donut from Dough. THE BEST

Ventured out on foot one night in search of dumplings. Joe's Shanghai is where it's at, and for only $6.50 cash.

Friday, March 4, 2016


You're about to witness a phenomenon I refer to as "lazy blogging."

As in, I put the exact words and photo below on both Facebook and Instagram earlier and now it is also going here. Because. To those of you who follow me in all such places, I either apologize or say you're welcome if you like repeats.

Do you know those people? Repeats people? People who can and will and do re-watch entire TV series because they liked it the first time? I am not those people. Unless we're talking Boy Meets World reruns, because come to mama yes and please. Otherwise, just once will do.

Anyway, that post I'm reposting. It's.....political! I know, new things for me. I'm so super progressive right now. But I will add a tidbit that I didn't post in those other places: I don't hate Hillary. I don't love her the way I love me some Bernie, but I also don't dislike her. And, I'd probably explode with joy if we had a female president. Oh, be still my heartstrings! I feel like whatever way the democratic primaries play out, I'm going to come out somewhere on the spectrum of decently satisfied. Which is why I relinquished my Independent registration this year and finally picked a party so I could participate. America, you're always trying to box me in. You win this round.

But on to that post.

It began with a photo....

Including a caption....

BERNIE IS BAE // Been on the Bernie train for some time now, but always struggle with politically "outing" myself because The United States of Internets ain't the friendliest territory. There's a pressure to feel perfectly politically versed at the risk of criticism, condescension and snubbery (it's a word now). In the face of this, many of us are overwhelmed or reluctant to bother getting involved, even privately. What works best for me is to hone in on the issues that matter most to me in a leader, then find a candidate that speaks to my soul in those areas. My pet passion is the promotion of respect, dignity and equality for marginalized populations -- be you poor, gay, black, female, muslim, what-have-you. And so, here's to a man who's been advocating for the underdogs for decades longer than I've even been alive. Here's to his self- and human-respect, his consistency, his honesty, his maturity and his passion. Here's to a campaign funded by an army of fervent supporters made up of regular ol' people that feel that same confident "yes, this" in their guts that I feel. Here's to trust. Here's to watching videos of his speeches, both old and new, and feeling a lump in my throat out of pride and not fear. It's a voice and a heart and a fire I'd be proud to have representing my American dream. AND...I wish to each and all of you a candidate that ignites your souls and minds just the same. Happy Election Season! ‪#‎feelthebern‬

End blog of a gram and a post.

And now back to my currently scheduled activities, as detailed on mah Twitters @K8Ehawkes....

....stay tuned for info on the aforementioned travels. As always, will be more or less live-streamed on mah Instagram @katildagrams. The club can't even handle me right now.