Wednesday, January 21, 2009

come, mr. tallyman

i have an addiction.
a passion.
a love.

the reason?
In the words of my girl Gwen Stefani...

it's true. i love anything and everything banana flavored. I've always had a penchant for flavors of the tropical persuasion....coconut ice cream cones fill me with joy from head to toe.

But banana.....oh banana. cream....candy....the fruit itself...did i mention banana popsicles?
it's always been a shame that banana popsicles are relegated to share box space with other flavors. The best brand of this yellow, frozen snack of joy always comes alongside its distant cousins, root beer and lime. Now, i can dig the root beer flavor for sure....but lime? It's a rare instance for me. It's not an awful flavor....but it's not amazing...and it's in a completely different ball game than banana.

You're out of your league, el limo.

My newest love: Banana Creme yoplait yogurt. With real chunks of banana in it.
Breakfast will never be the same.

if evolution has any truth to it, i came straight from the breed of monkey who likes bananas best. No bugs or leaves for me....
A girl needs her potassium, after all.

p.s. i only think bananas have potassium because i saw it on a disney channel original movie. if they have misled me, don't correct me. i will live on in awesomely-cheesy-unrealistic-yet-so-appealing-meant-for-preteens BLISS.
But a blog for another day.

Monday, January 19, 2009

steady feet, don't fail me now

hello all.

spent the weekend in Cedar City. Just wanted to say that it was amazing. That place is my second home. The whole tiny little town simply means bucketfuls to me! Gilbert is home. Cedar is home away from home. Provo is simply my temporary place of residence for the time being until I finish my education :)

I don't dislike Provo. I don't hate it. But, I don't love it. It has good and bad aspects, just like anyplace else. And, I know it's good for me...hard things are always good for me! True story.

The weather was wonderful this weekend. Sunny. Maybe even 50 degrees at some point?? I like to think so. (Everyone in AZ just cringed....I take what I can get in winterland!) I got to play frisbee. I got to bask in familiar faces and places. I got to dance in my car with my roommate during the drive there and back.

My little life is not perfect, but it is going well! I completely screwed myself by taking a weekend off, because realistically, I know I will never catch up on all my hmwk because I took 2 days off from doing it.

But....such is life at the Y.

And....I choose happy over perfection. Always.

And I am happy :) I have never had a harder semester in my entire life. And I expect it to only get harder. But...I hope to keep finding reasons to smile every day.

I bought a house plant. His name is Bosephus. We take care of each other.

I think I will move to Jamaica next fall. Indeed.