Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Notable Moments of 2013

Last January, in the midst of a very stable life phase, I wrote that my overall goal for 2013 was to "trust my gut and follow my heart."

One part of that was to "take one very big risk sometime this year." ha. ha. ha. ha. ha. Nailed it! Seriously, 2013 was a year of change. The big kind of change. And a year of being brave. The big kind of brave. I trusted the stitches right out of my heart and gut.

I feel like 2013 is one of those years I'll look back at for the rest of my life and know that it was pivotal and life-changing. I love the feeling of knowing I just turned my life on its head, survived it, and now I'm on the cusp of the rest of my entire life. I'll write about my 2014 goals tomorrow, but for today...

Let's celebrate the big moments of 2013!

Fulfilled a long-time dream and opened a vintage clothing shop on etsy.
Went gluten free and held strong for the entire year.
Turned 26.
Went to Denver for the first time.
Helped Camille launch the AZ Blogger Meetup.
Made amazing new AZ blog friends because of said meetups.
Sent my children's book to a publisher.
Still haven't given up on getting that book published :)
Sold vintage merchandise at my first tradeshow.
Drove 3 hours to a little Jimmy Eat World concert.
Went to Disneyland with three of my blogging besties.
Got all kinds of close with said blog friends.
Attended the Elevate Conference.
Consequently, started infusing large doses of vulnerability into my blog.
Consequently, figured out exactly what it is that I love about blogging :)
Quit my job.
Moved out of my condo.
Moved in with my parents for a month.
Married off one of my very best friends.
Meaning, bridesmaid round 13. (Ever closer to movie status.)
Moved to northern California.
Went to Six Flags for the 4th of July with my baby sister.
Became an aunt for the 5th time.
Survived unemployment/freelance writing/weird odd jobs for 6 months.
Started my temp job with Ralph Lauren.
Received a BlogHer 2013 Voice of the Year blogging award.
Ran a Ragnar Relay in Napa Valley.
Guest blogged for Queen Latifah.
Spent mucho time exploring northern California.
Fell full-on-crazy-in-love with northern California.

...I'm exhausted just reading that list, and I'm sure I'm still missing a thing or two. Let's be real, the most overall important thing I did in 2013 all goes back to that original resolution: I trusted my gut and followed my crazy little heart, even when it wasn't easy (at all, sometimes) and scared me (a lot, sometimes) and made me want to hide under the covers and not come out (that happened, sometimes).

Dear 2013, thanks for helping me find my brave.

“It was at this point that Bilbo stopped. Going on from there was the bravest thing he ever did. The tremendous things that happened afterward were as nothing compared to it. He fought the real battle in the tunnel alone, before he ever saw the vast danger that lay in wait.” J.R.R. Tolkien

Monday, December 30, 2013

Everlane + Gray T-shirt

This is a blog about a gray T-shirt.

But not just any gray T-shirt! I first found out about Everlane many moons ago, when Joanna from Cup of Jo raved about how great/soft the T-shirts are. If there's one thing I'm drawn to in life, it's a soft T-shirt. I just usually buy them in packs of 3 from the men's section at Walmart (following the inspiration of my old roommate, Meggles) and deal with the fact that they become weirdly misshapen after too much wear/wash/sleep/lounging/adventure. I mean too much love.

So when Everlane graciously offered me a discount to their store, I knew it was f-i-n-a-l-l-y time to explore this better T-shirt situation and I immediately zeroed in on the heather gray Slouchy Pocket Tee. And look, brown paper packaging and a minimalist logo design! They get me.

Let's be real, it might be the softest gray T-shirt I've ever owned. I was a little skeptical about the wider shape of the shirt when I pulled it out, because I am not a boxy person. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised by how nicely the shirt fits and falls. I really like that it's a little longer in the back and drapes right on my hips. I also think the shape and loose style mean it could easily fit/flatter a lot of different body types, too. #win

The only problem now will be how to stop me from living in it 24/7, amiright? Someday down the road, I have my eye on the Everlane snap backpack in "reverse denim"...otherwise also known as gray. I like to carry a backpack to the city when I ride the train for work, and my old corduroy backpack from high school is hurting my street cred. (Not really, but it does have holes in it and some dried chocolate crumbs in the pocket from who-knows-when.)

Do you have a favorite T-shirt source?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Latest Hippity-Haps

(3/5 of my ninos back home. They all got SF shirts from aunt katie.)
Well hello.

My blogging output has been a bit slow lately because....holidays...and I'm rarely at my computer because my Ralph Lauren job takes me out and about....and other excuses...

So here's what's been going on!

I like my new 6-month Ralph Lauren job. I still feel like I'm getting my feet under me but within the first month (can you believe it's already been a month??) I've gone from "I don't know what I'm doing" to "no seriously what does all this new lingo mean" to "OK I'll get it with time" to "hey this is actually fun" to "I LOVE RIDING THE TRAIN TO WORK."

Seriously, the train is so fun.

I go up to the city (aka San Francisco) a couple times a week and the traffic + parking cost + extra miles on my 205K-miles ol' Honda (keep on chuggin', babycakes!) was starting to feel like a bit much. For some reason I was all nervous-pants about riding the train because I had to make a transfer in the middle and I don't know, slight panic. But I made myself do it, and man alive I LOVE IT. I look forward so much to train days! It always feels like an adventure, and I hope that never wears off.

My oatmeal just boiled over on the stove. #BRBgottafixallmyproblems

So, yeah. The Ralph Lauren job is lovely. I'm excited to go on my first work trip to Seattle, whenever that might be.

So many other things are lovely, too. My Christmas tree, Bruce Spruceteen, lives on (and I'll post a gallery of him soon, but not until the end of his life...heaven forbid...as a final tribute). And I love him. I got new running shoes. And I love them. (They're gray, how could I not!) I have a space heater in my room (thanks for the Christmas present, parentals!) and I love it. California is gorgeous as ever, my Arizona trip for Christmas was just perfect, I put on my swimming trunks and rode my bicycle to the park yesterday to bask in the sun, I am listening to a fantastic audio book (Unbroken) on all those train rides, I got two new pairs of sweatpants and a whole bunch of gray socks, I actually cleaned up the clutter in my car and vacuumed it out in too-long-of-a-time-to-admit-in-public, and I have some super great goals for the new year that I'm excited to share soon.

Life is just super good, and I am super thriving.

And look, my nephew wanted to hold my hand on the way to the airport when I left AZ this week. How could life not be good?

Monday, December 23, 2013

1 Year Gluten Free #youbetterbelieveit

A moment of silence, please...

One year ago today, in a fit of I'm-tired-of-being-sick-all-the-time frustration, I took anything containing gluten out of my shopping cart and put it back on the grocery shelves. Here's to cold turkey commitment, 365 days, a healthy bod and doing the "impossible." Because seriously, it felt impossible many-a-day for awhile there.

...also I've been craving a Krispy Kreme donut for about 12 months. I'm asking for one first thing in the next life.

If it's something you think you need to do but you're afraid to go for it, let me just say...you got this, Tigerpants.

And feel free to email anytime you need someone to encourage you. Or call you Tigerpants. I'm good for any of the above.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sunrise in Santa Cruz

Few things will make me excited for a 5am alarm, but...

A sunrise trip to Santa Cruz to tag along with actual photographer friends definitely fit the bill. I blissfully iPhone-pictured my way through the lovely (cold) morning while they did their legit photography shenanigans.

The last photo is my most favorite. I stood on part of a fence to make it happen. I really like the photos I got last time I went to Santa Cruz, too. I think that place might be magic. (Actually, I know it is because they sell Pineapple Dole Whip on the boardwalk. So, win.)

Friday, December 20, 2013

This video will make your day.

Seems to me there's been a little too much controversy on the Internets lately (as per usual) and not enough warm fuzzies...especially for the Christmas season. So, courtesy of my baby sister....here you go. Your day is now made.

Here's more info on the college program he got into. I love this stuff.

hearts and sparkly Christmas unicorns,

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A&A: Russian Mafia & Spirit Animals

▲ I still get some automated emails with job postings that are a "great match" for me. My favorites are the ones that are completely irrelevant, like Engineering and Chemist jobs. The fetch? #gohomeyouredrunk
▲ How often my new job requires me to come in contact with mannequins. The other day I had to pop the arms off one to get a jacket. Not to mention the one that had tissue paper for arms. And then there was this. You know, the horrifying nature of mannequins in general is awkward.
▲ Kidz Bop.
▲ Stopped into a small store near Union Square full of little glass oriental trinkets and jewelry, fully staffed by burly men with thick Russian accents. One stepped a little too close to me and said, "We have been waiting (vaiting) for you all day."
▲ Whilst eating in a food court the other day, I answered my phone to one of those spammy alumni "please donate to BYU" phone calls. I told them I was working and got off the phone real quick, then realized the woman next to me had heard me say that. I didn't explain to her that I actually do work in shopping malls, but I felt silently judged. #layoffmeimstarving
▲ Speaking of malls, there are few things more disconcerting than a giant mall directory with no You Are Here dot. I know where the food court is but WHERE AM I
▲ Why are so many of my awkward moments about food courts this time?
▲ Hamsters eat their young. When I googled this fact to verify it, I was horrified by all the accounts of people's hamsters eating other hamsters. But then there was this gem on a discussion board: "One of my hamsters ate the other one. Is it going to make him ill?"

▲ These 50 funny faces in everyday objects.
▲ Riding the train to the city. I was nervous to try it but I love love love it. It's about a bajillion times better than driving and parking.
▲ This story about a Boston Marathon bombing victim who fell in love with one of his rehab nurses.
▲ Yesterday I delivered Christmas fudge to people on teal plates w/ pink ribbon. I mean, Christmas is essentially a religious baby shower, right? I'm also not in the business of giving-a-rat's-apple about Pinteresty presentation details, so there's that.
▲ Mai, the adorable Vietnamese lady who does my nails, informed me last month that I can now text her to set up appointments, so I went for it on Monday and asked if she was available early Tuesday afternoon. Her response: "soak 145 Tmqw" ....I'll take it. She also regularly tells me to marry rich Jewish boys because she is amazing.
▲ My Christmas tree is named Bruce Spruceteen. I'll share pics of him soon, but just know he's about 23 different flavors of fabulous.
▲ When my fav affordable shoe store from Scottsdale also exists in California and I scored these babies on sale which is great because I needed some presentable casual shoes to wear to work and turns out I kind of tend to wear scrubby shoes. And maybe I wear these every day because they might be my spirit animal? But only if they edge out Steve Nash and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Career Path: Not What I Envisioned

In college, I had my heart set on working for an amazing nonprofit organization.

I just knew it was going to happen. I started volunteering with the organization of my choice during my senior year of college, and a few heart-squishing encounters with precious kids later, and I was hooked for life. (Still am.) It's the kind of organization that gets in your blood. I snagged an internship in the national office's Communication department after I graduated, and then managed to stick around for another year after that semester ended. And oh....oh how I loved it.

But careers must progress at some point, and I had an itch to get even more into the trenches of the nonprofit world. So when I saw a job post at another nonprofit that worked directly to provide meals, showers, temporary housing and job training to homeless individuals and the working poor in my area, I was all about it. And so I dove in.

And it was hard. It was crazy, chaotic, hard, work.

The warm fuzzies were abundant. The success stories were amazing. I loved the organization, and I loved seeing the amazing results. And...the stress level was high.

I was also young in my career. I had a tendency to get antsy. My role required me to be on the phone a lot, and a high volume of unpredictable phone calls has never been a low-stress scenario for me. I wanted to continue to use the skills I had learned in college and at my nonprofit jobs, but I felt as if a career change into a different sector might be on the horizon for me.

When a friend of a friend approached me about making the switch from my nonprofit job to a full-time writing role at an Internet marketing agency, I had some hesitation. What about those warm fuzzies?

I did, ultimately, decide to leave nonprofit world (at least professionally) and return to sitting at a computer and attending meetings with clients and meeting deadlines. And truthfully, I was happier. Working in both sectors gave me the opportunity to learn what environments are the best fits for me, and tailor my goals around my preferences.

But here's what I discovered for myself: I didn't need a full-time nonprofit job to still feel like I was saving the world.

I could still volunteer with my favorite organizations. I could rally other people to also get involved. And with a job that fulfilled me personally for 8-9 hours of the day, my stress level lowered and I had more of me to give during my free time. I was happy and healthy...and still feeling warm fuzzies, on the daily.

I tip my hat to people who thrive as long-term full-time professionals in the nonprofit world. It isn't for everyone, just like any other career won't fit all people the same. I admire the people who get down in the trenches for years and decades on end and devote their whole professional lives to causes that speak to them. Trust me, I still have my days where my heart wanders back in that direction and I aimlessly poke around on nonprofit job boards. Who knows? Maybe I'll go back someday.

While working at a nonprofit might have been my ultimate dream in college, I'm happy with where I've since ended up. And, I feel really lucky and blessed that I got to live that dream for a few years and really give it a go. Those kinds of things stick with you. 

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Friday night detours

Rather than sit in traffic on the freeway the other night, I impulsively exited in Milpitas, drove up by an old rock quarry, turned up the Jimmy Eat World and watched the sunset light the hills on fire. And it was lovely.

An old man in a truck eventually told me he needed to lock the quarry gate so I had to head out. Good thing, because he told me, "It's spooky up here at night."

Life tip: take more detours.

Friday, December 13, 2013

On Giving Yourself Permission

"Dismiss whatever insults your own soul, and your very flesh shall be a great poem." Walt Whitman

...I tip my hat to this kid I saw in San Francisco this week.

I named him Lionheart. I like people who know what they want to do and then just own it. Personally, I'm not always crazy about the rules. It's not that I want to rebel and make terrible choices and run free like a crazy hippie child (at least not all the way). I do want to make good choices. I just....want to make them for myself. I want to reach my own conclusions, set my own parameters, trust my gut, follow my heart, yadda yadda yadda and so forth etc. So it makes sense that rules sometimes frustrate me a bit.

You know...the RULES.

All those spoken and unspoken ways we're "supposed" to do things. The shoulds and the shouldn'ts and you-probably-can-but-people-will-probably-talks. We're overflowing with these kinds of RULES.

Take dating, for example... Don't call sooner than 3 days after the first date. Never kiss on the first date. Definitely kiss on the first date. Know by the third date if you want to date long term. As a girl, never-ever text or call him first. Always wait for the man to initiate a date invitation. Don't be too busy. Play hard to get. Make him work for it. Keep her guessing. Don't hang on too long. Don't let go too soon. Don't get too involved in your career. Make sure you're being ambitious and independent. DEEP BREATH.

I feel cross-eyed just reading that. If you ask me, it's a whole lotta unnecessary stuff weighing on us when you're trying to figure out something simple like, "Do I like this person or not?" And it happens in more areas than just matters of the heart. Don't even get me started on the 1 million ways the People of the United Internet are busy telling each other how to be mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, Christians and Americans because...sheesh.

Here's what I say: Be you. All you.

Whatever rules/systems/plans feels natural/normal for you....great. Do that. Whatever doesn't feel natural/normal for you...great. Don't do that. This is something I want to make a conscious effort to stick to: being myself, 100%. To letting myself do what I feel. To being upfront, open and candid about my own feelings. To not filtering myself. To empowering myself to confidently navigate my own life. The worst ruts I've gotten into in my life are the ones where I don't trust my own ability to make successful choices, because I interpret any and all setbacks to mean I must have chosen wrong at some point. (False.)

So...give yourself permission.

Just do it. Just trust your gut. Give yourself a break. Set aside anyone's opinion but your own, and...allow yourself to say yes. Allow yourself to say no. Fall in love when you want. Be vocal about it when you want. Raise your children how you see fit. Follow your religion in a way that personally feels right to you. Stay up a little too late. Eat french fries after 9pm. Crawl into bed at 7:30pm and tell the laundry it can wait. Overtip the valet attendant. Hand a few dollars to a homeless man or woman and don't worry about drugs, alcohol or pessimistic outcomes. Call a friend and talk for an hour when you have work to do. Wear a fuzzy lion costume and walk down a busy city street. Because....because you can. And because, why not? Why not be your whole, authentic self? Why not let a little reckless joy leak into the cracks and corners of your life?

Because you can. Because...you said so.

Next step: Give other people permission for all of the above, too.

A Picture & some words

I found this picture on Pinterest a few days and it has stuck with me. So simple. It makes me want to know their story but also makes me feel like the photo tells the whole story all at once. I find it quite perfect.

I went searching for some words to go with it and my playlist provided some old favorite lyrics from this song. Enjoy!

all of your ways and all your thunder
got me in a haze, runnin' for cover
where we gonna go from here
the back of your eyes look like my mother's
when we talk you're like my brother
where we gonna go from here
where we gonna go from here
j. mclaughlin

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 Ways to Survive Unemployment

Because handling it for 6 months makes me an expert, right? In any case, I didn’t plan to be (f)unemployed for most of 2013. I didn’t go into it financially, emotionally or mentally prepared. It just all unexpectedly exploded into my life, which I think a lot of jobless people can relate to.

But whether you plan to take that risky leap or it suddenly sneaks up on you, navigating the situation can be tough. Flexible and with more time for sleep/laundry/Netflix than normal, yes. But also still tough. So, here’s me pretending I’m wise about the business of changing careers, dishing out advice and whatnot.

5 Ways to Survive Unemployment
1. Have a Plan
If there’s one common theme throughout my unemployment adventures, it’s that very few things are reliable. Jobs that seem like they’re going to pan out, sometimes don’t. Jobs that do pan out, can just as easily fall through. But regardless of setbacks (and more setbacks) (and still more setbacks), it’s so so important to have a plan. Know what kind of job you want. Know what skills you need to make that happen. Know where you want to apply. Even if your plans will inevitably change a few times along the way, just having a plan is important in and of itself. You gotta have a prize to keep your eye on or you’ll end up wallowing in directionless despair.

2. Set Daily Goals
Look, I don’t care if your daily goal is simply to get out of bed and take a shower. I probably don’t even care if you shower, actually. But pick something...several things, if you’re up to it...every day, and get them done. Fold your laundry. Write cover letters for 3 jobs. Take yourself on a picnic. Ride your bicycle around the neighborhood and listen to a podcast. Reach out to someone who works in your desired field and ask to meet them for coffee. Whatever it is, write it down on a sticky note and cross it off at the end of the day. Unemployment has a nasty way of making you feel like a worthless human being -- so allow yourself to feel accomplished, even in a small way, every single day.

3. Get Out 
I can’t stress this one enough: You need to leave the house. I had a couple wake-up calls during the last few months when I’d realize I hadn’t left the house in 48+ hours. Yikes. I’d been productive on my computer, I’d done things around the apartment, but I hadn’t gotten dressed (in anything besides fresh pajamas, anyway) and actually walked out the front door. Make plans! Get some fresh air. Clearing your head can work wonders for adding enthusiasm to the next cover letter you have to write. If anything, new scenery is distracting and can lift your mood.

4. Ask for Help
I chronically avoid asking anyone to do anything for me that I think will even mildly inconvenience them. Also, it takes swallowing some pride to admit that you need help. But if no one is responding to your dozens of resume submissions, maybe you need a business-savvy friend to look it over and make some suggestions. If your cover letters aren’t catching anyone’s eye, there could be some issues with your spelling and grammar -- ask someone with editing experience to take a look. And, maybe you just need someone to vent to now and again. It can be tough to unload negativity onto someone else -- but that’s one thing friends are there for. Call someone you trust and let it all out.

5. Take Risks
Look, I applied to all kinds of jobs in the last few months. I honestly couldn’t even tell you how many, or what they all were, or the number of random industries they spanned. If it looked interesting and my gut said it was worth going after, I went after it. I could have spent time dragging my feet and thinking, “I’m not qualified for that,” or “They won’t like me,” or “Why bother,” but I simply chose not to. I just applied anyway. When it seemed like a company wanted someone with personality and pizzazz, I pushed the limits a little in my cover letter. I guess my approach was along the lines of “go big or go home.” Too many people tell me they don’t apply to jobs they really want because of something small like “3-5 years of experience” when they only have 1 or 2. So what? You’re everything else they say they want. Apply anyway. Accept rejection when you need to, and move on to the next leap of faith. You never know.

So there you have it, for whatever it’s worth. Anyone else had a bout of unemployment and have advice to add?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Just a Simple Christmas.

I was standing in line at a grocery store when I saw it on the front of a magazine: "7 Ways to Stay Sane During the Holidays."

And there were others: "How to Survive the Holiday Season." "1500 Pinterest Suggestions to Make Your Holiday As Complicated As Possible." "Definitely Do Elf on the Shelf." "Definitely Don't Do Elf on the Shelf." "Post On Facebook Telling Other People if They Should or Should Not Do Elf on the Shelf and Explain Why It Will Ruin Childhood and Probably Undermine Your Entire Future As a Parent One Way or The Other." "Wake Me Up when December Ends." ...I may have invented one or some of the above. But you get the idea.

So...is this Christmas now? Surviving? Maintaining sanity? Planning our brains out down to every last detail? I wish....I just wish....

I just wish it could stay simple.

Call me an idealistic, starry-eyed little Cindy Lou Who, but....you know. Where are you, Christmas? *cue Faith Hill*

Or more appropriately...what are you, Christmas?

Christmas is Christ. It's all about that divine baby, in a simple little manger, under a star in Bethlehem. I know everyone is celebrating different holidays during this time of year, but Christmas is, as obvious by the name, His day. Last night I asked myself if my priorities during the holiday season reflect my conviction about that, and thought about what I could do to whittle down my To Do list to only what's most important.

Christmas is people. It's simple traditions like getting a real live Christmas tree with my roommate, hanging up mismatched ornaments, filling my life with folksy Christmas tunes (and occasionally blasting Mariah Carey in the car #pleaseandthankyou), visiting my family, driving around to look at Christmas lights, visiting ice rinks and holding mittened hands with people worth holding mittened hands with, loading up on hot chocolate and gatherings with friends, putting glitter on stuff, watching favorite Christmas movies, making everything possible smell like cinnamon...and so on. The simple, little, shared traditions are the best ones.

Christmas is compassion. One of the stores I work in at my new job is smack dab in downtown San Francisco, with a big window that overlooks the Christmas tree and ice rink in Union Square. Today I was taking a breather by the window and watching all the comings and goings below, and amongst all the bustle I almost missed the homeless man wrapped in a gray blanket, sleeping on the steps by the ice rink. Northern California has been unusually frigid this week, and my heart went out to him. Is Christmas really Christmas if it means a small percentage of us are nestled by our trees and presents, giving no thought to the very people Christ would want to be out helping during His own birthday celebration? It makes me pause to think. What am I giving Christ for His day? What am I giving to the people He would give to?

Don't get me wrong, I like giving pretty, thoughtful gifts to people as much as the next person. (Maybe even a little more so...I do so sincerely enjoy finding just-the-right gifts for people I love.) I'm not calling for total abandon of such things. And I'm sure Christmas is easily more crazy for people trying to juggle small children, twice the family gatherings due to in-laws, etc. I get that. My life is blessed to be inherently very simple in regards to holidays, if I let it be.

And I do. I do want to let it be. I wish there was a way for us all to let it be. Whatever way my Christmases pan out in future years, in-laws or children or other such things, I hope I always keep it simple. I hope my Decembers always feel long, peaceful and devoid of frenzy. I hope my kids will know that our Christmas will always include service as much as it includes anything under the tree. Mostly, I just hope I never need an article in a magazine to teach me how to "stay sane" and "survive" such a precious, simple, sacred season.

have yourself a merry little Christmas
let your heart be light.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Things I Wore to Anthropologie

If you're into outfit photos, you'll like this post.

If not, here's an alternate story for you: I just found a piece of tape stuck to the leg of my sweatpants. I think I put it there yesterday night whilst taping paper snowflakes to the wall. #thuglife

So....the good news about working at Anthropologie is that I got to let every quirky fashion bone in my body run wild and free. The other news is that, no, I still barely shopped at Anthro while working there, because....even with the discount, girl's gotta pay rent! (However, what is eBay for if not getting sweet deals on gently used Anthro clothing at like 1/8th of the price? I highly recommend it.)

I did buy some in-store goods at the end, when I had secured my new job and had some sweet employee promos saved up and figured I should use them before I left, so I did...on my last day. Meaning I have zero photos of those outfits. Stay tuned, caterpillar, those will come in time.

The other other news is that I failed at taking photos of every outfit (obviously I worked more than 9 times, or however many photos there are below), but at least here's a representative sample! Also, I can't look anywhere in an outfit selfie but at the ground. I feel uncomfortable doing anything else. Anyone feel me? On with it...

...the last one was taken in an actual fitting room at Anthro, when I was trying on some goods to use the aforementioned employee discount on my last day. That denim/lace shirt was $7 at Kohl's, so now you know my secrets.

Ima miss wearing beanies to work, you know? But on to Ralph Lauren, horses and tweed!