Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Wrist Full of Wooden Watch

Growing up, I was never one for wearing watches. Or eating fish. Or macaroni.

But sometime in my early 20s, I was struck by a fish craving. And because go big or go home, I got really into sushi and never looked back. Likewise, all it took was getting hooked on a pretty little leather watch with pretty little flowers decorating the face that I found on Etsy late one night while online-shopping my feelings away a couple years ago and suddenly....I was a watch person. Turns out, I still don't love macaroni. I am sorry to disappoint.

Long story short, I now own a small handful (wristful?) of watches. Including the newest one in my budding collection....

Behold, the Sidney Series Maple & Rose Gold by JORD! Ain't she pretty.

I've had a thing for wood watches for awhile (check out the rest of JORD's collection here), so when I spotted my new wrist-cessory online the choice was simple as pie. Plus that rose gold face? Give me rose gold or give me....another metal...which I will like less than rose gold....

Especially with winter creeping in, I'm prone to wearing darker colors these days.

Which means a light pop of contrast on my wrist is a well-timed (TIMED! IT'S A WATCH PUN GET IT) is exactly what I need as I head into these grayer months (I know, I live in northern California, but those skies are still overcast and I am still weak for anything below 60 degrees, therefore it is winter). Take today's outfit: dark gray sweater, black shorts, dark green tights, and gray ankle boots. And black nails.

And (wait for it)....a perfectly contrasty light-colored wood watch. See how much winning?

p.s. yes my hair is pink

k love you all time to get back to decompressing from the work day aka reading young adult fiction fantasy novels and curling up in a sumptuous pile of comforting gray bedding xoxooox

In the interest of legalities: I was compensated for this post, but the opinions are all my own and nobody else's and 100% honest because this girl wouldn't do you like that.

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