Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Farmer Chords

Side note: I got on a Ben Gibbard kick this morning. Check out some of his stuff at the bottom of my playlist, #’s 149-155. I just love him.

So here’s the thing. I visit my blog daily at work, because I jam to my playlist all day in my cube. (Bless you, headphones.)

Anyway, so every day I notice that my last blog post was somewhat dreary. And today I thought to myself, “Self, your life is much too interesting to let people go around thinking you’re dull and dreary.”

Dreary blog, meet today’s remedy: the best pics from my cell phone from the last 2 weeks or so. Enjoy!

1. Don’t you hate it when traffic gets backed up because a cop pulled a house over? I know I do. Freakin' speed homes.

2. My amazing new Steve Nash shirt. If you don’t get it…I’m not explaining. Let’s just say, “Steve Nash can shoot a 3 with one eye tied behind his back.” A thing of beauty.

3. After I got around the traffic caused by the casa on the side of the road, I spied this treasure on the back of a truck. (It says Pigeon Control Pressure Wash, if you can't read it clearly.) Is that really how you get rid of pigeons? Pressure washing? Or does this business just happen to offer both of these services? Whatever it is, they’re offering free estimates…

4. My 4th of July baking escapade led me to (re)ask the question, why don’t I do this for a living? (See ya, cubicle!)

5. After realizing that we were at least 2-5 years older than everyone else at the party, we opted for trying on pimpin’ accessories we found in the kitchen. You gotta roll wit’ it, as Rebecca says. (She may or may not have actually said that. But I work in PR. We are allowed to “draft” quotes for people too busy to provide an actual statement.) (And by “draft” I mean “spend 5 minutes making up a plausible quote that the much-too-busy person could have easily provided in 5 seconds.”) Sorry, I digress…

6. Apparently this bird did NOT have a good day. (Look closely to see the perfect outline.) (Albatross?)

7. Found this gem in the hallway at BYU during a recent visit to Utah. This could go one of two ways: It made BYU students so squeamish that none of them showed up, or else they all admitted they’re dying to know and flooded the classroom. (Yes I avoided standing in front of the open door to take this picture by hiding around the corner and reaching my cell phone around the wall. I call that stealth, kids.)

8. I’m glad these warning labels on my storage bins keep me on my toes. I could have made a very, very bad mistake.

....And there you have it. Dull and dreary no’ mo’.