Friday, December 31, 2010

lightning could strike

the first time i saw Meet Joe Black, it was on a whim. my roommate owned an edited version (none of that Rated R business for me) and i absentmindedly stuck it in one day while multi-tasking on some school project or other. i'm not always one for slow movies (exception = dances with wolves), and i often utilize such films as background entertainment.

but 30 min. into this treasure found me with my project neglected, staring mesmerized at the television screen. if you haven't seen it, this movie is magic. not magic in the gives-you-goosebumps-Narnia or makes-you-outright-cry-first-10-minutes-of-Up matter. it's just ... simple.

magic. simple. childlike. enchanting.

because you know what? sometimes peanut butter is all it takes to be happy. and sometimes fireworks make me cry a little, too. i think those are the pieces of life that matter most.

if you haven't seen this film ... you must, must watch.

spoiler alert, here's a crappy Youtube version of one of my favorite parts. never has love been so perfectly defined.

do not miss the cafe scene. mostly the part where they admit their feelings and walk away, with the best song from the soundtrack playing. simply enchanting.

speaking of that best song. it puts me in a trance. have a listen:

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

when it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year

[myoosik: #117, "friend like you" by joshua radin.]

i've been thinking lately about how incredibly lucky i am to have so many best friends. (note: this post does not include a) best guy friends, or b) family members. although i promise you all count.)

but this one's for my girls. (cue cheesy Martina McBride track)

but really. THESE are my besties. and i owe more to them than i can say. (and more than will ever, ever, ever fit in a blog post.)

thanks for being the reason for all the adventures, and the reason i've survived, thrived, jived (just go with it) and continue to do so. you are my voices of reason, my faces of happiness, and the people i would run across the airport to tackle into the luggage carousel, given the chance.

so, in no particular order other than how blogger chooses to upload them ...

my abbers. even though you're in Holland & won't see this for 1.5 years (or ever, maybe) ... for being the best e-mail buddy and pen-pal ever ... for bonding with me in the PR office and countless times since ... for your courage to live in new places and try new things ... for loving as deeply and caring as much as i do (possibly more) about always helping and serving other people ... and for always thinking so deeply about everything.

my torchy. for so many adventures in the CC ... for falling in love with frisbee with me ... for staying up late to journal together ... for understanding that shoe/chair squeaks really ARE funny ... and for just being such a sane individual in such a small town.

my larsy parsy. for letting me nickname you ... for bonding over crazy bread/queer eye/mattress olympics/a zillion billion other things ... for running away to california with me ... for somehow being the other half i never knew i was missing until we ended up in the same room ... seriously, for really being the reason i even came out of provo in one piece.

my mahoorah. for seeing me through my awkward phase ... for continually impressing me with your strength ... for the way you love other people so much it makes you wiggle ... for the way you're just always there when i need you ... and for the way i ALWAYS feel better about life after we talk on the phone.

my dawnee ray. for being the reason i survived sophomore honors English (remember how we fell asleep on the 2nd day of class?) ... for always being ready with a smile ... for doing nothing in English class but drawing stars (and/or sheep) on things with me ... for the way you're so good it just makes you sparkle ... and for always, always encouraging me.

my ali-babwa. for tying your sweatshirt to mine in 3rd grade ... for towel modeling ... for about a zillion sleepovers ... and for, really, being my oldest friend.

my reebs. for gilmore girls ... for being the reason my first year back in AZ didn't eat me alive ... for your bravery ... for the magical hot tub and Scottsdale Hateway ... and for always ALWAYS understanding what i'm feeling/thinking/craving because you're thinking/feeling/craving the same thing.

my mindi. for being attached to my hip thru jr high and high school ... for laughing with me like maybe no one else before or since has accomplished ... for michelle branch roadtrips and vivian and peanut butter m&m's and "where the crap is randy?" ... for making and then eating certain cookies when certain boys let us down ... for becky "the icebox" o'shea and the oneders.

my meggles. for making our current life phase a party every day ... for the hundreds of miles we have (and will) run together ... for countless therapeutic conversations ... for being brave enough for the onesies ... for always understanding and never judging the need to eat another cookie or watch another hour of Alias.

my k rob. for being, seriously, my voice of reason amid everything ... for letting me call you pretty much every day ... sometimes twice ... for your optimism ... for the way our lives are always doing the same things at the same time ... therefore knowing you'll ALWAYS understand exactly what i'm feeling.

my kt lew. for somehow being a bestie even though we never lived in the same place, ever ... for the way you're always so, so kind to me ... for the way we could probably talk for hours about nothing important and everything important all at once ... for understanding my simple, flannel-shirt dreams ... for ALWAYS being up for an adventure or at least adventurous dreaming.

my katie lee. for being a part of pretty much every best memory i've had in the last few years ... for never being too cool for school ... for the way life always delights you ... for pretending to be a grown-up with me .... for understanding the obscure movie and TV references that no one else ever does ... and therefore, for helping me withstand my eskimos.

my k sparks. for the bunk bed ... for unintelligible late-night conversations ... for your faith and encouragement ... for letting me cry when i just can't help it ... for thinking all the right things are funny ... for being an amazing listener ... and for just showing up in my life one day at a demolition derby.

my beef. for still going by "beef" ... for being the reason i haven't kicked my cubicle walls down ... for knowing you'd be there in a second to join me if i did it anyway ... for understanding everything that's good about life, from Cedar City to P-town and all the angst in between ... for the way i could probably stand on a chair somewhere and just yell and yell, and you wouldn't ask questions, you'd just start yelling too and then hop in our getaway car to cali ... and of course, for Dr. Leo Marvin.

my chantallion. for being one of the most beautiful people i know, inside and out ... for how much i adore laughing with you ... for the way your advice/opinion means the world to me ... for constantly inspiring me with your courage.

my ashley. for that picture below, whatever the heck we were doing ... for always being the person i want to sit next to at all parties/gatherings/etc because i love giggling with you ... for always giving sound advice about life ... for your inspiring faith & dedication.

my caralinia. for making it really difficult to choose just one picture for this blog, because we have about 100 priceless treasures to choose from ... for knowing exactly what i'm feeling/thinking with nothing more than a grunt or body flail ... for often being the first person i call when my heart gets broken ... for never being afraid of life or sea monsters or making jokes about bodily functions.

like i said, i am one seriously lucky girl.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

marry me, vaughn

(did i say that out loud?)

[myoozik: #185, "static waves" by andrew belle.]

anyway. i know i'm a few years behind the times, but ... when you don't have TV and someone lets you borrow a box set, being hip and up-to-date is somewhat irrelevant.

hence, what's been occupying my down time lately:

warning: tread carefully with approaching this addiction if you get emotionally attached to characters or relationships. seasons 2 and 3 will kick you in the face. not that i speak from experience. sigh.

Monday, December 27, 2010

here we go a-satcheling

[musica: #191, "rollerblades" by eliza doolittle. everything about it is delightful.]

it might be all this running (that's totally illogical), but i must not know my own strength lately.

case in point...
within 2 ominous weeks in november, i ripped the handles off each of the following:
a. suitcase
b. laptop case
c. grown-up purse

i'll skip posting a pic of my biceps, just to spare you the plague of jealousy that would ensue.

the point is, my high-school and college purse collection primarily includes turquoise and corduroy and that one fabulous sequined thing ... not exactly suitable for this grown-up facade i'm still working on.

so thanks to a more-than-generous coupon ... and thanks to some christmas moneys from my lovely parentals ... this little treasure is going to show up in my mailbox any day now, courtesy of DownEast Outfitters.

see you soon, new friend!

i next aim to own a gray/silver number. preferably with a large bow. turns out i love oversized bows as much as i do gargantuous buttons. (i really thought gargantuous was a word, but there's that conflabbit red squiggle. maybe i'm misspelling it. i just threw in conflabbit for good measure.)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

and to all a good night

[musica: #153, "have yourself a merry little christmas" by mr. sinatra. because let's prolong the season just this much longer.]

despite the evidence of the following photos, my entire family was present for christmas celebrations. these just happened to be taken while the other ones were runned off w/ their in-laws and/or sick chilluns.

but consider this a representative sample. a very merry christmas it was...

that last picture is my favorite. ever. it captured my papa making me laugh. which is my favorite. ever.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

i do believe in christmas, i do, i do

k so you've got coldplay + christmas + peter pan aura ... and you've got a winning combo.

(thanks nichole for sharing. we will be neighbors someday.)

ah, christmas magic! i simply heart you.
as do i heart this enchanting video.

must own that piano.

don't miss the apparently-now-legal-in-arizona-and-makes-me-miss-summer surprise at the end.

Friday, December 17, 2010

snug as a bug

(recommended music: #179, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Coldplay. yep, Coldplay Christmas music. get on that.)

the following picture may or may not have been taken at my church Christmas party.

these pajamas may or may not be making future appearances during the holiday (or perhaps non-holiday) season.

i may or may not have any shame.

both my little sisters may or may not have purchased ensembles to match mine. stay tuned for photos around the family Christmas tree ...

Monday, December 13, 2010

just start livin'

i think toby keith maybe wrote this song about MY life priorities.

it's good to be reminded.

also i think all happiness includes having a sprawling front porch. just a hunch.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

rogue textersation

what happens when i text larzy on a saturday afternoon
(guest appearance by miss kelsey)

she: what in the...i have no idea where those crazy smiley faces came phone is posessed.
i: umm...i didn't get any crazy smiley faces.
she: weirdy...the message popped up after i sent it, and there were like 7 emoticons with sunglasses and funky expressions. i was a bit bewildered.
i: ahaha let's blame kelsey
she: kelsey and rogue unicorns
i: kelsey = rogue unicorns
she: rogue unicorns = love of hot dogs, banjo hips, and puppies?
i: i think we just solved the space-time continuum
i: i hope this means pluto gets to be a planet again
she: we may have to bribe the Deciding if Something is Actually a Planet Committee with fruit snacks for that one...but i think Pluto's got a fighting chance.
i: Snack Packs for Interplanetary Acceptance! SPIA. Pronounced Caspian. There's a few silent/invisible letters in there.

my only question: banjo hips??

Thursday, December 9, 2010

hello, memory lane

is it totally nerdy that this video totally gave me chills? love it. ever so much.

so pause my playlist and feast your eyes & ears:

How the World Googled in 2010

(blogger decided not to let me embed the video. so just visit the link. but come back to my blog.)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

effective family communication

[recommended music: anything christmas. there are a few selections at the bottom of el playlist. just run with it.]

location: the chamber of secrets (and by that i mean ... my room.)

what i see: my violin (yes my violin. a definite post for another day)

i don't have anything really excellent to say. mostly just a random picture i found on my phone that i wanted to share ...

because it really exemplifies a lot about me and the beloved gaggle of people i call family.

left the following note for mi papa at his office whilst dropping off some money for my baby sister:

translation if it's too fuzzy to read:
Papanwa, You are hiding from me. here's Laura's filthy money. I'm taking the cat & moving to Mexico. Katie

yeah, i got a degree in this whole family relations thing.

obvious, isn't it?

it's not just me. my mama wrote "i'm thankful for family" on the chalkboard in her kitchen on thanksgiving. within minutes, someone had added the word "conflict" at the bottom ... which later got changed to "conflictions." (this actually happens anytime anyone writes anything on the chalkboard. it gets lovingly edited.)

we're a funny bunch. i'm thankful for our "conflictions" too, whatever those are.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

dear finish line...

[recommended musica: #177, the chariots of fire theme song. boy howdy.]

location: my kitchen table

what i see: my poor nauseated roommate lying on the floor

wait, why is my roommate nauseated? well, we're not entirely sure of the root cause. but it can't have helped that she toughed it out and we just ran 5 miles anyway.

yes, 5. that's a lot less than 13.2.

but nonetheless ... i promptly came home and registered for my first half marathon. marty, we're (dis)affectionately dubbing it.

we hate marty. we love marty. we want to beat marty up. marty makes us feel good inside. marty makes our bodies hurt. marty makes our hearts healthy. marty makes us weep, wail & gnash our teeth. marty gives me excuses to buy new songs for my ipod.

(...turns out marty is a lot like being in a dysfunctional relationship...)

perhaps i will consider couples counseling.

in the meantime, i will keep running. because marty's got nothing on me.

i've just ... never been a distance runner before. ever. i wimp out after a mile or two.

and i've always watched my friends train and cross those finish lines and been oh-so-jealous.

oh. so. jealous.

so now it's go time. someone be there to catch me on the other side of the finish line.

we're doing london's run on january 29. all the money goes to leukemia patients. and we all know i'm a sucker for helping the sick childrens ...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


 it's rather dark in here. natural lighting is hiding behind the pre-stormy clouds and i've really got this thing against light bulbs these days. mostly because they won't commit.

fact: i can be accident prone.
other fact: i tried to open something with a pocket knife the other night.
other other fact: i slipped.
another other fact: the ER isn't such a bad place at night if you like eavesdropping on drug-induced conversations.

introducing, my new pal frankenfinger:

truth: it never really hurt that bad. and it's actually quite intriguing to have stitches in your own finger, like you're a piece of fabric or something. i occasionally slide the bandage off and examine the holes in my finger and poke it a little bit.


my new role model:

the most painful part were the numbing shots. i hate needles. the PA told me he sees too many people in the ER who love them, so i was a nice change. (cue the druggies in the background)

dr: have you ever had stitches?
i: nope.
i: have you ever given stitches?

other conversation:
dr: do you know what that white part is?
i: my finger meat?
dr: (laughs) it's fat.
i: put that back in there!!!
dr: most people tell me to take it out.
i: no way. my fingers get too cold.

no less than 3 people (2 family members & one BFF) responded to the initial news of my traumatic injury by making fun of the time i sewed my finger to a sewing machine. okay, touche. (jerks.)

last fact:
my first thought after the injury...

(foreshadowing the next blog post, at a date TBD. stay tuned.)

you know "buddy the elf - what's your favorite color?"
i think i've become "i'm katie - want to see my stitches??"


Friday, November 12, 2010

stuffed with fluff

[recommended music: #152, "skinny love" by bon iver. because it's mesmerizing and lovely. who cares what it even means...]

location: next to a bowl of bowtie noodles
what i see: my bowtie noodles

here's the deal.

i read many, many books.

i like many, many authors.

but i may ... have chosen a favorite. simply for the simple way he writes. it's like reading the thoughts from my own head. enchanting, darling, endearing and, yes, simple.

introducing: a.a. milne. beloved creator of christopher robin and his 100-acre posse, including a certain stout little bear with a rumbly tumbly. (speaking of bowtie noodles...)

in no particular order, 12 reasons for my undying adoration:

1. never forget me - because if i thought you would, i'd never leave.

2. promise me you'll always remember: you're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.

3. "when you wake up in the morning," said Piglet at last, "what's the first thing you say to yourself?"
"what's for breakfast?" said Pooh. "what do you say, Piglet?"
"i say, 'i wonder what's going to happen exciting today?'" said Piglet.
Pooh nodded thoughtfully.
"it's the same thing," he said.

4. if you live to be a hundred, i want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so i never have to live without you.

5. my spelling is Wobbly. it's good spelling but it Wobbles, and the letters get in the wrong places.

6. he respects Owl, because you can't help respecting anyone who can spell Tuesday, even if he doesn't spell it right.

7. what i say is that, if a fellow really likes potatoes, he must be a pretty decent sort of fellow.

8. one of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries. (stop thinking this applies to me. you stop that right now. ...okay it totally applies...)

9. the more he looked inside, the more Piglet wasn't there.

10. when you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.

11. "supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?"
"supposing it didn't," said Pooh.
after careful thought, Piglet was comforted by this.

12. weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.

enchanting. darling. endearing. simple.

all my favorite adjectives.

soooo going on my christmas list:

p.s. what is it that's so lovely about books with ribbon placemarkers?

Thursday, October 28, 2010


[tune in: #44, "the riddle" by five for fighting. because it makes my soul feel good.]

location: kitchen table. in my apt that is no longer a flood disaster zone.

what i see: an empty bowl of homemade soup & a PILE of punkin choc chip cookies. yeah, it's been a domestic day.

so remember when my life took a turn for the different and i imagined up a pile of goals?

let's recall one of them: "really dedicate myself to my service endeavors"

and by golly, i've gone and done it.

Katie's AZ Service Team, aka KAST

i played off the kast/cast idea and picked a theme scripture:
Isa. 61:1 - "He hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted."

the story: i made a facebook group. i invited a few people. i started planning projects.

2 months later, we have 160 members. we've completed nearly 250 hours of service as a whole.

i'm overwhelmed, ecstatic, grateful, fulfilled, and happier than i've been in a long time.

don't you love when you find something that simply feels like you were born to do it? it's the way i felt the first time i attended a volunteer training with the Make-A-Wish Foundation in 2008 and knew i'd be involved with it for the rest of my life.

KAST even has an official logo, thanks to the talented Kelsey Ann (yeah, hit her up for your wedding & grad invites)

here's what we've done so far:

FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN (thrice, actually)



on the docket in the next 2 months:
two more habitat for humanity builds
one more feed my starving children
special olympics arizona
delivering gifts to refugee families for the international rescue committee

and much, much more to come.

yeah ... i'm basically in love.

p.s. how much do i love october? so much.

Monday, October 18, 2010

global osculation

[suggested musica: #162, "welcome home" by radical face. because it fits my current location.]

: my old room at my parents' casa

what i see: a suitcase of clothes and a closet of high-school memorabilia

explanation: my dear condo flooded. turns out kitchens and laundry rooms don't take it so well when a water pipe explodes in the ceiling. so here i find myself ... back to the motherland. eating the motherfood. except for the commute, i'm not complaining ...

what is it about being at my parents' home that makes me feel like i'm on vacation and don't need to accomplish anything of significance?

case in point, i am without extensive thought or creativity at the moment. so ima simply share a recent texting convo that amused me:

i: just saw a couple making out in the parking lot. Target makes me feel that way too, kids.
he: it's hard to contain yourself when you're near a place that sells map-of-the-world shower curtains
i: i know right
he: not many people are making out in internal combustion engine class right now. it can't be the material though. it must be the guy-to-girl ratio.
i: not many as in ... some people are ...?
he: well ... physically ... No.

it makes me smile :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

we didn't start the fire

so ...

remember how the huffington post published a couple of my blogs? remember how they were about things like britney spears and wizards?

... i decided to write a REAL blog.

24 hours later = front page = 1100+ comments = people talking about me on twitter = feeling a little overwhelmed. but good overwhelmed.

i think i started a riot.

check it out:

The Burqa Ban: Another Misguided Step Toward So-Called Equality

note: don't read the comments if you're going to be upset by people insulting me. it's really not fazing me, because a) i appreciate their input, b) everyone's entitled to their own opinions, and c) i still stand by everything i said. so people can ream my religion/standards/alma mater all they want.

my dislike for conflict and controversy aside, when i really believe in something (e.g. my religion, motherhood, parenting, etc.) it turns out i'm pretty good at having a thick skin about it.

plus, things like the following note make the 900+ naysayers all worth it. thank you to Anila, the kind stranger with the encouraging words:

Hi Katie,

Just read your article about the burqa ban and wanted to give you two thumbs up :)! As a Muslim woman who covers, I know the irritating feeling of someone 'oppressing' me by banning what I FEEL is right. I hope more people can open their eyes and minds to see that Islam is NOT an oppressive religion towards women, and that those women who truly engage in practicing Islam and covering up, they do it themselves. Thanks once again and hope to read more eye-opening articles from you.

Take care,
Anila H.

i just love that. makes being a right-wing zealot and a narrow-minded BYU alumna with 1950s values worth it, eh?

funny that i've never considered having 1950s values a negative thing. i almost wanted to be snarky and thank that commenter for the compliment.

don't worry, Part II of my epic roadtrip blog will show up soon. as soon as i get the pictures from my camera to my computer. which is easier said than done.

Friday, October 1, 2010

katie vs. the open road, part I

[recommended music: #179, "nothing better" by the postal service. because i really dig it.]

location: draper, utah (yes, somewhere besides my bed in az-town)

what i see: two other people on macbooks

current adventure: journey to utah for conference. so excited i could just wiggle and shout.

the truth is, i really don't like doing things by myself. i tend to be near other people ... always. there are a couple rare exceptions that i can enjoy equally by myself or with others. the first is shopping. i truly don't mind clothes shopping alone. the second is road-tripping. true, it's nice to have a buddy ... but it's also nice to pick my own music, listen to a cheesy book on CD, pile the passenger seat with food, or just ponder in silence because i darn well please. it's also nice to alternate between these activities every 20 min without anyone complaining about my mood swings.

but let's cut straight to the chase. because i'm going this adventure alone, i haven't had anyone to share all my joyous discoveries with. and what's a road trip without some delightful sightings along the way ...

first, i forgot to eat lunch before i left work to hit the highway. so, necessity called for stopping for a legit meal. and what came across my path first? mcdonalds. let me point out: i have a strong aversion to greasy fast food. but i thought i could pick something safe. (i.e. i chose "chicken selects" over "chicken nuggets." something about the word NUGGET anywhere in a food description fills me with the squeams. (as in, makes me squeamish.) the point is, my taste buds delighted at the taste of fried food (it'd been a LONG time) ... but as soon as that stuff passed my esophagus, i'm pretty sure my tummy swore at me. (i've been trying to teach it better habits, but for obvious reasons i'm reluctant to wash it out with soap.)
luckily, the golden arches made it up to me later on when i later saw one with a burnt-out sign that simply read, "nalds." something about that really made me giggle ... and i decided mickey-d's and i could put our differences behind us and agree to disagree.

but i've really got to stop rambling or this post will be much too lengthy. so moving on.

the man with socks and flip flops at the gas station. classy. can't say i haven't done employed this method on more than one occasion.

Furr's Family Dining. whoever decided the word "furr" is okay in a restaurant name needs to hire a new PR manager.

when i drove thru the city of surprise, a.z., i thought to myself, "i didn't know this city was right here." and then i laughed at the irony.

the license plate that said GUNFITR. i thought, "gun fitter? what?" ... then i got it. then the driver (ol' gun fitter himself) opened the door of his truck at a stoplight and puked on the road. my thoughts on this:

in other news. i've never figured out why they put the wrong way sign in the median. how are you supposed to know which side of the road it's talking to? bad move, street makers.

speaking of street makers. i kept seeing those adopt-a-highway signs, and a couple simply said, "available." i'm glad no one makes me wear a sign when i'm single.

blessing the rains at the nevada state line (thank you toto). took this pic for my friends rustin and tyson ... who always drive to nevada ... and always bless the rains. this was right before i hit the dam traffic at the dam checkpoint. which i was okay with, because it gave me an excuse to text some dam jokes to people. (which is probably only funny if you don't normally swear. so yeah, it was funny.)

driving thru wickenburg. the billboards made me all kinds of promises: "small town, big museum." "where memories are made." "where the west is still wild." i mean really, w.burg, which is it? don't fiddle with my heart strings.

the house in the middle of nowhere with a playground set with a huge, handmade banner on it that said "wilson for justice." i don't know who wilson is, but i absolutely want to vote for him. i'm writing him in on the next presidential ballot.

the sign in the middle of nowhere that had an arrow pointing into the desert and the words: "pick your own apples." that's a terrible lure, desert thieves. terribly transparent.

my salvation on this trip (plus a bag of whole-wheat english muffins). mmmboy.

the trailer park in the middle of nowhere with one large billboard: "free dental implants." um, pass.

the rocket ship outside of wikieup with snoopy riding on it. (snoopy, if i lived in wikieup, i'd be calling shotgun.)

finally arriving in the ol' den of sin:

negating the "den of sin" idea with a visit to the (gorgeous, i must say) Las Vegas Temple:

(recognize that yellow dress?) also, that bodacious blonde babe is my friend katie (yes, another katie. k-rob.) this morning she made me this:

i knew i liked her. she also packed me snacks for the next leg of my trip. including:
(that's a fish of the swedish variety, if you can't tell.)

paid a much-needed visit to my home-away-from-home, the CC, aka cedar city. dear heavens i miss and adore this little town. i saw two mulleted men in a pickup truck and almost got teary-eyed. okay fine, i DID get teary-eyed. i stopped for a couple hours to visit old friends, including justin (bff from freshman year) and emily (who's convinced that i will marry justin and adopt her.) i agreed to the deal if i got to rename her rainbow fuzzypants. she didn't argue. anyway, we indulged her with a couple family photos. don't we look dignified? (and neon?)

i also saw miss katie lewis/hunter (yes, yet another katie). unfortunately no pics with her. but she looked all adorable in her apron and played me one of her amazing songs on her guitar. it was about autumn. and she should be famous. that's all.

then off on the next portion of my epic northward journey. i forgot how absolutely beautiful utah can be when it's not frozen over. i really, really miss this:

and after finally arriving at my destination, i capped off the night with fro yo, painting my nails silver and a round of "mystery date" with miss katie lee (um yeah, another katie. i'm out of control.)
(don't ask about the game. just embrace it, accept that sometimes i am still a 13-yr-old girl, and know that i utterly lost and won zero imaginary dates with beach-tanned hotties. sigh.)

my (tom?) cruise control decided to just up and quit on me. that got old after about 30 min of constantly keeping my foot on the gas pedal. less awesome. ima blame scientology.