Monday, March 29, 2010


I broke my own treaty.

Exhibit A. Chipped fingernails.

I also managed, while taping some documents together at work today, to chip a piece of teal nail polish off that slid under the tape right as I stuck it to the paper. So now one of my work docs has a piece of teal flair taped to it. Curse you, blatant evidence of my neglectful transgression.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lose the Battle, Win the War

The Phoenix Armistice of TwentyTen: An Official Treaty

To the Powers that Be in Grown-up Land:

After much consideration (and wailing and gnashing of teeth), I have decided to concede to your conniving wiles and ruthless dominion.

The terms of my surrender:

I will dutifully wear grown-up shoes to work.
If you continue to let me wear jeans on Friday. And sometimes Thursdays.

You will allow me to continue painting my fingernails outlandish colors.
If I promise to keep them from looking chipped and childish.

I will (regretfully) pass up the urge to dye a pink stripe in my hair (a la 2007 and 2008).
If you don't force me to blow-dry and straighten my hair every morning.

You will allow me an occasional naptime.
If I promise not to stay up past midnight anymore on weekdays.

I will eat my oatmeal and banana for breakfast, like a healthy little robot.
If you keep making cupcakes/cookies/brownies appear in the break room every now and again.

I will continue giving you 60% of my waking hours.
If you teach me how to not be braindead for the other 40%.

I'll also consider not lying facedown (and maybe drooling) on the couch anymore every Friday evening after work.
No, I take that last one back.

Consider this my white flag.
If you can't agree to these terms...prepare your bayonets, because this may get ugly.

Career Barbie

p.s. Thank you for allowing me to convince the CEO that we need to play Sandlot on the TV in the breakroom to celebrate the start of baseball season in April. It was ever-so-generous of you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


My 5-yr-old niece's thoughts on marriage...

Bethany: James, you be the daddy.
James: K
Bethany: Who is the mommy?
James: I dunno.
Bethany: Well, who do you want to marry?
James: I donwantu.
Bethany: Yes you do. We're supposed to get married.
James: No, I don't want to. (more forcefully this time)
Bethany: Yes James, you have to find a friend who you love the best and you marry them. A girl. Someone who wants to follow Jesus like you.
James: No!!
Bethany: Yes!
James: NO!!!!

I adore it. She's spot on, eh?

And creepy how her brother acts just like some boys my own age :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

True Love

And dating just gets that much better...

Warning: You might chortle when you watch this video.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Operation Beautiful

Stumbled across this video....

...causing me to love this site more than a little:

Inspired to start carrying sticky notes w/ me everywhere. Pictures to follow.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


How did I not think of this first?

Guerilla Crocheting

"Little sweaters under cover of darkness." Classic.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Me, by the numbers.

True or not, if you add me up and categorize me, here's what you should get:

Possesses strong and attractive personality. Has strong convictions and high devotion to selected causes. Seeks truth in all things. Open-minded. Highly philanthropic and humanitarian. Idealistic. Prone to dry humor. Inventive and intelligent. Doesn't make friends easily. Gifted in arts and drama. Unforgiving. Works best in group projects. Feels a unity with nature.

Middle Child
Flexible, easygoing and social. Peacemaker and strong negotiator. May feel life is unfair. Generous. Often opposite of older sibling(s). Has a strong need to be unique.

Year of the Rabbit (when I was born)
Articulate, talented and ambitious. Virtuous and reserved. Has excellent taste. Admired and trusted. Financially lucky. Fond of gossip but generally kind. Seldom loses temper. Uncanny gift of choosing the right thing.

Yellow Personality
(See previous blog post for more on this one, but to name a few key points...)
Motivated by fun. Embraces life as a party. Seeks instant gratification. Needs to be adored and praised. Has a good heart. Friendships command high priority. Engages others and craves adventure. Often spontaneous. Sometimes irresponsible and forgetful.

Millennial Generation (Currently aged 18-29)
Confident, self-expressive, liberal, upbeat, and open to change. Less overtly religious. Less likely to have served in the military. Highly educated. Always connected. Treats handheld technology "almost like a body part." Heavily involved in social networking. 37% likely to be unemployed. 60% chance of being raised by both parents. Places family/marriage goals far above career/financial success. Fights less with parents than past generations. Obama's strongest supporters. Most likely to be a democrat and a liberal.

There you have it.
Believe what you will.

And go write your own self-analyzing blog so people can read it and then lie to you about all your good traits, e.g. "Yes Katie you ARE gifted at drama and you DO love group projects." :)

Illegal drugs?

Need something awesome to stare at?

I recommend…

The Worldometer

That’s all :)