Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"slow down, you crazy child...

...take the phone off the hook, and disappear for awhile." billy joel

first let me say,
that i am incredibly blessed
and life is always more good than bad
but sometimes, a few less-awesome things happen all within one week
(e.g. job stress)
(e.g. anonymous haters vomiting all over my online life. note: i will be deleting you from now on, whoever you are. you're allowed to disagree with my views, but you may NOT insult my personal character or make me cry any more.)
(e.g. some stellar individual hacking my checking account and spending allllll my money on sporting goods and perfume....don't worry, i get all my money back, but you know, icing on the cake...)

and you know,
when the shiz hits the fan in one's life,
sometimes one must do the only thing there is to do....

run away.
no really,
i up and left phoenix on saturday for 24 hours
canceled all my existing plans
and hid out at a cabin with some lovely people.

i'm taking a blog hiatus, just for a bit.
but you will see me back soon enough!
don't cry yourself to sleep or anything.

but i'm not leaving you empty-handed, my friends
you know me better than that.
this beautiful gem should hold you over:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

lost without your love: 30 years!

hear ye, hear ye...
30 years ago today, my momsie & papanwa sealed the deal!

i love them ever so much.
thanks for being such fabuloso examples to me,
for always being so kind to each other,
and for (still) letting us throw things at the ceiling fan.

let's be honest,
30 years is nothing to scoff at these days.

you're pretty legit, dearest m&p.
here's to 30 more!

look at them being all retro and shmancy:

their wedding song:
(how freakin adorable, right?)

i discovered they've been flirting on facebook...
{june 19, father's day}
Happy Father's Day! Thank you for being such a wonderful father to our children!!!!
Thanks. It is easy being a father to such great kids, especially when I love their mother so much.

oh my they are ca-yoot!
and that's how you get 3 decades, kids.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

joe + personal hygiene

thank you to my friend mr. reed for this gem.
he promised he didn't mean it as a secret message to me....

i love few things more than cheesy, retro motivational films.
ones about body odor.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

so, i'm in the phx biz journal...

i know, what?

bump on over to my KAST blog for details...

there's also some pics up from our most recent project!


Monday, June 20, 2011

brains vs. beauty

ok, this one oughta fuel some discussion...

i was once asked a question that i want to pose to the masses.
(masses read my blog, right? masses upon masses of you?)

ok here it is:

in choosing a spouse, if you could only have one or the other, would you rather be better looking or more intelligent than your other half?

food for thought, eh?

my thoughts?
after much deliberation, i decided i'd rather be prettier than my husband than smarter than him.
don't get me wrong; i don't want to be with someone i feel dumb around. i think i've got enough going on upstairs to keep up with most guys ... but, i think it'd be really hard for me to know that i was signifcantly smarter than my husband. i'd rather have someone i can look up to in that regard, and who i can trust has the intelligence and grit to provide for me.
(you know, the ultimate answer to this question is that it's good just to be pretty equally matched all the way around....but that's not what this question is asking.)


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

little jackie paper

so, my good friend mr porter moved to north carolina for the summer.
psh, what do they have that we don't?
oh...a shmancy internship
and.....maybe some trees...
but, i promised him he could still come on adventures.
heard of flat stanley?

well, introducing...

...shenanigans to follow...

Monday, June 13, 2011

mama said they was magic shoes

we just all need to take a moment
and note a couple of TOMS newest designs:

ok now look over at the left side of my blog....

...then look at the shoes again...

do you see what i see??

it's probably something like my density.
i mean, my destiny...
(name that epic flick)

...which TOMS would you choose?
do tell.
(i bet there's some quiz out there that analyzes us based on what type of TOMS we buy. if not, there should be...)

Friday, June 10, 2011

music: i just wanna run!

this is how i feel.
hello, friday...
let's run away together

credit to da baby sister for recommending the song.
no, it's probably not the hippest or most original tune to come out of my speakers
but it speaks to my inner angsty, summer-lovin' teeny-bopper soul
so, i like it.
it makes me want to throw on chucks and cut-offs and stay out way too late.
...also, blogspot is pulling a friday short-circuit and refusing to do what it should.
(i understand, blogspot. i understand.)
so, you have to click here to watch the video.
i didn't want to embed anyway...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

she told me to marry clark kent

i sometimes feel as though i could/should write a book entirely out of textersations between my elder sister and i.
just sayin.


[exhibit 1]
{after she told me it's time for a Latino lover to come into my life and i argued that he would possibly show too much chest for my liking}
(the enrique, via mtv.com.)
No no no, like a guy with Latin roots whose parents speak with strong accents and grandparents came from the mother country but he was raised here so he is aware of the acceptable amounts of chest one can show. ...his uncles and one or two cousins may have never gotten the message though, so you would just have to endure the occasional overexposure...

[exhibit 2]
(via wikipedia)

SO turns out it is you, me, and JC going Friday night for x-men! Haha up for hanging out with old married people? :-)

Bahaha. Don't make out next to me.

Haha we will refrain...I never understand those people anyway...why pay nine dollars per person for something you could do in private...

 [exhibit 3]
(via stylelist)

Friday! Popsicles?


I feel the same way about donuts. In a very desperate way.

Desperate housewife...?

I either need that or an opportunity to get in a fight.

Let's fightdance. Like kevin bacon or west side story.

Ooh yes. Then I could maybe burn enough calories to justify donuts...?

i bet jane fonda does it.

I am pretty sure Jane Fonda does a lot more than donuts ...haha have you ever seen her on an interview or anything? She is nuts!

[exhibit 4]
(via smallville wikia)
(caption: "clark's mild-mannered reporter disguise.")

I have decided that the perfect man for you is Clark Kent.

a man with a secret double life...?

No not the superman part! Just the Clark Kent part. Extremely masculine yet kind. Strong, hard worker, intelligent but humble. Confident without arrogance. Willingness to look like an idiot sometimes and admire the quirks of his lady. Always the greater good in mind, but an attitude of the small things mattering. Handsome and rugged. Romantic. Loves his parents immensely. Never any desire to feel better than anyone else, always willing to give a second chance. Old fashioned manners. I could keep going, but he is perfect for you.

(2min later)
Seriously though katie, he is one part farmer and one part journalist. I could have left it at that.

what can i say?
we're pretty boss.

[urban dictionary]
boss: (adj.) awesome, miraculous, great

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

music: ugly little duckling

shout-out to my friend Hugo for showing me this gem
an unheard song from a favorite band
always a delight

i remember the first time i heard The Format
i think i was 14
they opened for Jimmy Eat World down in tucson
in a little club
and we all drove down to see JEW
and left with Format shirts

ah, memories!

i've always loved his voice. it's so raw.

Monday, June 6, 2011

lover on aisle 5?

it dawned on me last week that there are some serious parallels between the way i shop and the way i date.
just some observations...

it's always right after i look at my closet and think "i have way too much going on here" that i cave and throw something new into the mix anyway, capacity to handle it or not.

occasionally i go thru phases in which i want everything in sight.
aaand then sometimes i wrinkle my nose at all options available.

plaid flannel is a must.

sometimes a certain type just isn't going to mesh, no matter how many times i think i want it and try to make it work.

high-maintenance is often a deal breaker
(i don't have time to dryclean you, fancypants. sometimes a girl just needs a simple T-shirt when the rest of life is overly complicated.)

there are those flashy stores that catch my eye at times
but cost me way more than they should
and then there's those treasures hiding at thrift stores
that just need a little love and patience
to be the best thing in the world.

in both cases, shopping and dating, i almost always know immediately what i want when i see it, and i rarely waste time combing thru the rest of the rack with little more than a glance.
(is this a bad habit? it's hard to change. but at least it's decisive...)

and once i've got my eye on something, i have a hard time letting it go, no matter how much i try and talk myself out of it.

like really, i'll pick it up
try it on
love it, maybe
find a little fault, maybe
think it doesn't flatter me, maybe
decide it doesn't make me feel pretty and important, maybe
set it down
leave the aisle
...spy on it again
(note: i don't actually spy on boys.)
(maybe facebook stalk.)
then i'll watch jealously while other girls try it on
immediately come back for it
pick it up
mull it over
lather, rinse, repeat...

and if i ultimately don't choose it
i might recklessly go back for it a week later
and feel disgruntled if i find out it's taken.
...and maybe drive to every other store to find another.

this is all sounding very inchorent.
and possibly shallow....
the gist of it is,
when i find a man
like unto these shoes
there is no hemming and hawing.

because we are simply made for each other
and no questions need be asked.

(except, of course, replace the shiny bows with manly things like a beard, a killer sense of humor and a kind soul. yes, i accept.)

what about you? do you shop the way you date?
(i know there's costco daters out there....collecting in bulk and trying all the samples. i'm on to you, rico suaves of the world...)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

fine feathered flair

i've gone and done it.
(notice i increasingly lose my ability to take myself seriously while taking pictures of myself.)

i highly recommend these.
did you know you can wash and curl and straighten them?
yes, just like normal hair.
love, love, love them!
reactions have included everything from hippie
to hipster
to never never land.
(i accept.)

want them?
i know a girl.
best prices i've found in the valley.
you let me know.

Friday, June 3, 2011

harry, i took care of it!

the following intelligent conversation occurred on facebook.
(note: i was halfway thru a dr pepper at the time.)

(via artie.com)
Anyone know anything about hybrid cars? Do they really get the mileage they claim? Are they that much better for the environment?

while someone's answering this, i'd like the same info about the benefits of becoming an animorph -- thank you.

Hybrids do get the mileage they claim, and they are better for the enviroment. But the cost of maintaining them outweighs the savings you would get from saving on gas, and you live in AZ, if your worried about the enviroment ride a bike! :) I will say that in my opinion becoming an animorph is a much more cost effective, enviroment friendly, and fun proposition than obtaining a hybrid vehicle.


Joe, just think how much we'd save in gas on our next Spring Break (!) trip.
1T, thanks, I wouldn't have considered maintenance cost. Also, you try riding a bike in AZ in the summer and see how you like it. But you're right, in the end, amimorph is really the way to go.

well if you want to save gas money, it's clear what the choice should be:
(note: click the link and watch the video. for your sanity.)
(via flickr)

....i think i give pretty helpful advice, no?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

ok so there's actually just one fish
and...not so much a blue one...
but i wanted a clever title, ok?

the point is.
the first of the new roommates arrived last Saturday!

after an adventure to a sketchy pet store with this girl
and after overcoming my anxiety about all the fish tanks
(i'll blog about that phobia sometime, don't worry)
we found our lovely little red friend

we debated naming him after characters from different TV shows
also considered naming him Napoleon...
...just so we could call him Nappy for short.

anyway, because of our love for a certain Jane Austen plotline
(mostly this version)
we settled on Mr. Collins
but of course, Mr. Napoleon Collins
and naturally, his rapper name is Nappy C

he's pretty happy. he lives by Jesus.

(no really....his casa is next to a statue of Jesus.
he's a very pious little aquatic creature.)

oh, we got a hanging plant too.
and a lecture from the plant man, keith.
he told us to treat it like a best friend
and get to know it
(yes, he really said that)
i gave it a bath in the sink this morning
and we chatted politics and economics....or boys, maybe.
consider us officially bonded.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

techies gonna hate

i sometimes have the tech-savv of a senior citizen
mostly all my friends have fancy smartphones
which i often fret and angst about
(is angst a verb?)
(it is now, hammit.)
because we know how i feel about those

but while i'm not hip enough to invest in cool gadgets,
i've never been one to turn down something free...

(via ipadcase)

yes that's right,
i, katie elserbeth hawkes,
am now the owner of an ipad 2
thanks to a competition over at Tipton Orthodontics
(seriously love my ortho, with or without the ipad)
this metal mouth is paying off big time!
(and so are my social media skills, because that's how i won it.)

and suddenly i feel much better
about boys not talking to me because i look 14
and people in the professional world not taking me seriously

....i'll accept this trade-off.

can't wait for everyone who actually knows, um, anything about an ipad to roll their eyes when i ask questions like, "so....what does this thing do?" and "does it get GPS? does this mean i don't have to get a smartphone??"

did i mention i recently won a party at a bowling alley?
and remember that time with Bryan Adams? and Suns playoff tix?
i don't know when i got so lucky
(although i know twitter has played a role. i love you, social media!)