Wednesday, June 8, 2011

she told me to marry clark kent

i sometimes feel as though i could/should write a book entirely out of textersations between my elder sister and i.
just sayin.


[exhibit 1]
{after she told me it's time for a Latino lover to come into my life and i argued that he would possibly show too much chest for my liking}
(the enrique, via
No no no, like a guy with Latin roots whose parents speak with strong accents and grandparents came from the mother country but he was raised here so he is aware of the acceptable amounts of chest one can show. ...his uncles and one or two cousins may have never gotten the message though, so you would just have to endure the occasional overexposure...

[exhibit 2]
(via wikipedia)

SO turns out it is you, me, and JC going Friday night for x-men! Haha up for hanging out with old married people? :-)

Bahaha. Don't make out next to me.

Haha we will refrain...I never understand those people anyway...why pay nine dollars per person for something you could do in private...

 [exhibit 3]
(via stylelist)

Friday! Popsicles?


I feel the same way about donuts. In a very desperate way.

Desperate housewife...?

I either need that or an opportunity to get in a fight.

Let's fightdance. Like kevin bacon or west side story.

Ooh yes. Then I could maybe burn enough calories to justify donuts...?

i bet jane fonda does it.

I am pretty sure Jane Fonda does a lot more than donuts ...haha have you ever seen her on an interview or anything? She is nuts!

[exhibit 4]
(via smallville wikia)
(caption: "clark's mild-mannered reporter disguise.")

I have decided that the perfect man for you is Clark Kent.

a man with a secret double life...?

No not the superman part! Just the Clark Kent part. Extremely masculine yet kind. Strong, hard worker, intelligent but humble. Confident without arrogance. Willingness to look like an idiot sometimes and admire the quirks of his lady. Always the greater good in mind, but an attitude of the small things mattering. Handsome and rugged. Romantic. Loves his parents immensely. Never any desire to feel better than anyone else, always willing to give a second chance. Old fashioned manners. I could keep going, but he is perfect for you.

(2min later)
Seriously though katie, he is one part farmer and one part journalist. I could have left it at that.

what can i say?
we're pretty boss.

[urban dictionary]
boss: (adj.) awesome, miraculous, great


Myke said...

I didn't realize a man could show an unacceptable amount of chest (case in point).

Katie said...

good use of the very hip word "boss."

The Ballard Family said...

This tickled me greatly. I don't think I realize how amusing/ridiculous our conversations are until I see a few back to back like this! Haha five points for us for being awesome. And boss. Awesomely boss? Bossingly awesome? No, that can't be right ...
Anyway, this made me re-laugh at our silliness.
And cringe at the part where I appear to know and cherish all too much the traits of a fictional man.
I sound a little dorky. But let's blame it on the fact that I marry people with superhero fixations and birth little people who quickly develop the same excitement over them. :)
Also the fact that I like you so much I have decided that only Superman is good enough for you. Or Enrique. Of course.

Jayme said...

I'm gonna have to agree with your sister. He's part farmer, part journalist, and ALL MAN!! Jump on it!