Thursday, June 2, 2011

one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

ok so there's actually just one fish
and...not so much a blue one...
but i wanted a clever title, ok?

the point is.
the first of the new roommates arrived last Saturday!

after an adventure to a sketchy pet store with this girl
and after overcoming my anxiety about all the fish tanks
(i'll blog about that phobia sometime, don't worry)
we found our lovely little red friend

we debated naming him after characters from different TV shows
also considered naming him Napoleon...
...just so we could call him Nappy for short.

anyway, because of our love for a certain Jane Austen plotline
(mostly this version)
we settled on Mr. Collins
but of course, Mr. Napoleon Collins
and naturally, his rapper name is Nappy C

he's pretty happy. he lives by Jesus.

(no really....his casa is next to a statue of Jesus.
he's a very pious little aquatic creature.)

oh, we got a hanging plant too.
and a lecture from the plant man, keith.
he told us to treat it like a best friend
and get to know it
(yes, he really said that)
i gave it a bath in the sink this morning
and we chatted politics and economics....or boys, maybe.
consider us officially bonded.


Katie said...

hahaha YES! it's official. our newest roomie wasn't official until you blogged about him :) WELCOME NAPPY C!

Larsy said...

OMBiebs! I can't believe that you let a SEA CREATURE INTO YOUR HOUSEHOLD BY CHOICE!!!!! What a travashamockery.....the girls in my old apartment decided one day to bring home a fish and I totes flipped out. For a couple weeks (or maybe seven) I would mutter death threats upon entering the same room as it. Then I came to terms with the issue and named him Norbert. Norbsie for short.