Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"slow down, you crazy child...

...take the phone off the hook, and disappear for awhile." billy joel

first let me say,
that i am incredibly blessed
and life is always more good than bad
but sometimes, a few less-awesome things happen all within one week
(e.g. job stress)
(e.g. anonymous haters vomiting all over my online life. note: i will be deleting you from now on, whoever you are. you're allowed to disagree with my views, but you may NOT insult my personal character or make me cry any more.)
(e.g. some stellar individual hacking my checking account and spending allllll my money on sporting goods and perfume....don't worry, i get all my money back, but you know, icing on the cake...)

and you know,
when the shiz hits the fan in one's life,
sometimes one must do the only thing there is to do....

run away.
no really,
i up and left phoenix on saturday for 24 hours
canceled all my existing plans
and hid out at a cabin with some lovely people.

i'm taking a blog hiatus, just for a bit.
but you will see me back soon enough!
don't cry yourself to sleep or anything.

but i'm not leaving you empty-handed, my friends
you know me better than that.
this beautiful gem should hold you over:


Devin Jenkins said...

LOVE What About Bob? I will sorely miss your blog... I have been checking often for an update the last couple of days. Mostly waiting for a BoM reading post! Anyway, I hope you enjoy your vacation from your problems and untie all your knots before you explode.

indeazgirl said...

So... love your shirt. Love your pic.
And this is where I think about escaping to sometimes....