Monday, June 20, 2011

brains vs. beauty

ok, this one oughta fuel some discussion...

i was once asked a question that i want to pose to the masses.
(masses read my blog, right? masses upon masses of you?)

ok here it is:

in choosing a spouse, if you could only have one or the other, would you rather be better looking or more intelligent than your other half?

food for thought, eh?

my thoughts?
after much deliberation, i decided i'd rather be prettier than my husband than smarter than him.
don't get me wrong; i don't want to be with someone i feel dumb around. i think i've got enough going on upstairs to keep up with most guys ... but, i think it'd be really hard for me to know that i was signifcantly smarter than my husband. i'd rather have someone i can look up to in that regard, and who i can trust has the intelligence and grit to provide for me.
(you know, the ultimate answer to this question is that it's good just to be pretty equally matched all the way around....but that's not what this question is asking.)


Adventures of CC in DC said...

I am going to have to agree with you here. Intelligence is a huge turn on and there is nothing that kills a crush quite like realizing you are smarter than some dude. Gah.

Kate said...

What if my husband is both? I mean, I feel that I just got really lucky that someone as smart and handsome as my husband would ever want to marry little old me. But I think the best part of it is that he feels the same way about me.

Jayme said...

I'm gonna agree with you too. I used to sort of date this guy who wasn't very smart. . . I was mentally "red lining" all of his text messages since his grammar was so terrible.

Also, I have found that I find people more or less attractive as a result of their personality. A cute guy that's a jerk is still just a jerk, ya know?

Tim said...
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shirley elizabeth said...

You would not marry someone you did not consider to be smarter than yourself, and that goes for both sexes. A marriage does not go well when one of the members cannot respect the other. Of course, there are the areas that one will have specialty in and there are numerous kinds of "smarts," and that's how it all ends up working out. Mike thinks I'm an absolute genius with some things (I think), and there are plenty of times and situations where I wouldn't want to be without his opinion and know-how.

To sum: I think he's smarter, he thinks I'm smarter.

Also, just to add the obvious since it hasn't been mentioned, different types of beauty. If you're in love with someone, you very likely find them attractive. And if there is some kind of quirk to his appearance, it's probably one of the things you love most. My friend has a mildly cleft lip. His wife loves it. My husband has been bald all of my knowing him, and in the resurrection we'll be shaving his head because he is all kinds of studly.

Thuddeus said...

That brain shown looks a little as though it has been pickled in vino. Too much grappa hmm !!!

Sarah Hall said...

I have no problem with being smarter than the guy - although I would definitely prefer that we are equally smart. But I DO have a problem with the guy being prettier. I mean, hello! We are women! We're SUPPOSED to be prettier! Guys don't even have hair to curl or cute dresses to wear. :-)