Friday, June 3, 2011

harry, i took care of it!

the following intelligent conversation occurred on facebook.
(note: i was halfway thru a dr pepper at the time.)

Anyone know anything about hybrid cars? Do they really get the mileage they claim? Are they that much better for the environment?

while someone's answering this, i'd like the same info about the benefits of becoming an animorph -- thank you.

Hybrids do get the mileage they claim, and they are better for the enviroment. But the cost of maintaining them outweighs the savings you would get from saving on gas, and you live in AZ, if your worried about the enviroment ride a bike! :) I will say that in my opinion becoming an animorph is a much more cost effective, enviroment friendly, and fun proposition than obtaining a hybrid vehicle.


Joe, just think how much we'd save in gas on our next Spring Break (!) trip.
1T, thanks, I wouldn't have considered maintenance cost. Also, you try riding a bike in AZ in the summer and see how you like it. But you're right, in the end, amimorph is really the way to go.

well if you want to save gas money, it's clear what the choice should be:
(note: click the link and watch the video. for your sanity.)
(via flickr)

....i think i give pretty helpful advice, no?


Wandering Justin said...

Lloyd Christmas ... an underrated intellectual.

Myke said...

Sage advice, indeed. And somehow I ended up with neither a hybrid or a mini scooter. I loved Joe's comment in that conversation.