Wednesday, June 1, 2011

techies gonna hate

i sometimes have the tech-savv of a senior citizen
mostly all my friends have fancy smartphones
which i often fret and angst about
(is angst a verb?)
(it is now, hammit.)
because we know how i feel about those

but while i'm not hip enough to invest in cool gadgets,
i've never been one to turn down something free...

(via ipadcase)

yes that's right,
i, katie elserbeth hawkes,
am now the owner of an ipad 2
thanks to a competition over at Tipton Orthodontics
(seriously love my ortho, with or without the ipad)
this metal mouth is paying off big time!
(and so are my social media skills, because that's how i won it.)

and suddenly i feel much better
about boys not talking to me because i look 14
and people in the professional world not taking me seriously

....i'll accept this trade-off.

can't wait for everyone who actually knows, um, anything about an ipad to roll their eyes when i ask questions like, "so....what does this thing do?" and "does it get GPS? does this mean i don't have to get a smartphone??"

did i mention i recently won a party at a bowling alley?
and remember that time with Bryan Adams? and Suns playoff tix?
i don't know when i got so lucky
(although i know twitter has played a role. i love you, social media!)


Myke said...

Um, pretty awesome. I've actually been considering not getting another smart phone when my contract is up in August. (Of course, I'd probably compensate with a 3G/4G tablet, but still.)

Unknown said...

Look at your luck. How do I find me some? I love iPads. My sister bought one and I am BEYOND jealous.

Jayme said...

Lucky Girl!