Friday, June 10, 2011

music: i just wanna run!

this is how i feel.
hello, friday...
let's run away together

credit to da baby sister for recommending the song.
no, it's probably not the hippest or most original tune to come out of my speakers
but it speaks to my inner angsty, summer-lovin' teeny-bopper soul
so, i like it.
it makes me want to throw on chucks and cut-offs and stay out way too late.
...also, blogspot is pulling a friday short-circuit and refusing to do what it should.
(i understand, blogspot. i understand.)
so, you have to click here to watch the video.
i didn't want to embed anyway...

1 comment:

Laura! said...

Lol I had never see the music video before... it's weird! I think most of the band members are really wearing jeggings. But I like the main guy's freckles!