Monday, June 6, 2011

lover on aisle 5?

it dawned on me last week that there are some serious parallels between the way i shop and the way i date.
just some observations...

it's always right after i look at my closet and think "i have way too much going on here" that i cave and throw something new into the mix anyway, capacity to handle it or not.

occasionally i go thru phases in which i want everything in sight.
aaand then sometimes i wrinkle my nose at all options available.

plaid flannel is a must.

sometimes a certain type just isn't going to mesh, no matter how many times i think i want it and try to make it work.

high-maintenance is often a deal breaker
(i don't have time to dryclean you, fancypants. sometimes a girl just needs a simple T-shirt when the rest of life is overly complicated.)

there are those flashy stores that catch my eye at times
but cost me way more than they should
and then there's those treasures hiding at thrift stores
that just need a little love and patience
to be the best thing in the world.

in both cases, shopping and dating, i almost always know immediately what i want when i see it, and i rarely waste time combing thru the rest of the rack with little more than a glance.
(is this a bad habit? it's hard to change. but at least it's decisive...)

and once i've got my eye on something, i have a hard time letting it go, no matter how much i try and talk myself out of it.

like really, i'll pick it up
try it on
love it, maybe
find a little fault, maybe
think it doesn't flatter me, maybe
decide it doesn't make me feel pretty and important, maybe
set it down
leave the aisle
...spy on it again
(note: i don't actually spy on boys.)
(maybe facebook stalk.)
then i'll watch jealously while other girls try it on
immediately come back for it
pick it up
mull it over
lather, rinse, repeat...

and if i ultimately don't choose it
i might recklessly go back for it a week later
and feel disgruntled if i find out it's taken.
...and maybe drive to every other store to find another.

this is all sounding very inchorent.
and possibly shallow....
the gist of it is,
when i find a man
like unto these shoes
there is no hemming and hawing.

because we are simply made for each other
and no questions need be asked.

(except, of course, replace the shiny bows with manly things like a beard, a killer sense of humor and a kind soul. yes, i accept.)

what about you? do you shop the way you date?
(i know there's costco daters out there....collecting in bulk and trying all the samples. i'm on to you, rico suaves of the world...)


Alexis Kaye said...

hahaha you are SO funny. And this is so true I love it! Don't tell anyone, (sh) (just kiddding it doesn't really matter) but Clint wasn't the best dater. He was one that took some love and patience. I had to tell him what girls need and how we need to be treated. It was a little frustrating in the beginning. But I taught him well. He learned that BLUNT and uncushioned honestly isn't always the best policy. Then, he was a natural. The best catch I could have possibly found. The shoes that fit perfect!

The Ballard Family said...

Haha yay! I have been waiting for this post! Don't you love when you find parallels like this? Then life makes sense for a little while. :)

indeazgirl said...

I totally date like I shop. Here's the parallel. My closet, for a girl, is relatively small. It is basic. Most of the contents are classic, all-american and go with jeans.
Almost all the clothes are quite valuable.
And when I find a piece I love i don't let it go.
Because if you're in my closet, you're in it for life.
Because I will always remember why I bought you, what you go best with, why you flatter me, and what I paid for you.