Friday, March 30, 2012

friday funnies.

you guys,
i'm just in one of those moods where everrrrything is funny.

here's just a couple gems that have already given me the giggles today:


go watch that video.
do it.
your friday happiness depends on it.
and listen all the way to the end,
the dialogue is priceless.

the brotherhood of men in planet earth,

katilda closet party: leave it to beaver

that is me,
sitting in the little booth at the vehicle emissions place.
which was totally an adventure,
until they told me i failed.
something about my gas cap not being snug enough?
so now we call that photo "the walls of adulthood closing in on blissful naivety."

on to the outfits!

for my ensemble,
i am channeling wally cleaver
see him back there in that pic, all orange sweatered and khaki-fied?
yes yes, here i am:

and kelsey at kelsey anne design,
rockin' the june cleaver in a big way:

one day left in the party!
let's be honest, penelope is the funnest day.

it's friday so funnest can be a word,

Thursday, March 29, 2012

music: BSB vampires

i just felt like we could all use this song today.

the vampire music video?
yeah, i don't know either.

keep in mind this was all pre-twilight.

either BSB was ahead of their time?
or they took inspiration from Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

ima go with "all of the above."

also, i miss kevin.
why did he have to go and quit BSB?
does he not know that his facial hair played a pivotal role in my adolescence?

oh well, back to the vampires...

quit playin' games with my heart,

katilda closet party: 101 dalmatians

last night i witnessed a couple's first kiss.
they came into the shaved ice place and were doing that whole "we're new to holding hands" body language thing...
...and then they were out by her car doing that whole "hugging with her arms up around his neck but they're barely making eye contact" thing...
...and then he done gone and kissed her on the mouth!
one quick kiss and then he opened her car door for her...
...and then she lingered.
and well, i think broski was feeling emboldened enough to have a go at round 2.

oh the things you see at the shaved ice place on a wednesday night!

and nooowwww....101 dalmatians outfits!

mwah, rockin' those polka dots

miss kelsey, at kelsey anne design

miss harley, at harley & jane

still 2 days to join in!
check out thursday's and friday's themes here.

we'll have a dalmatian plantation,

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

katilda closet party: clueless

last night i went to a cycling class.
workout aside, can i just say...
how the hezz do people ride on those seats??
also i think i'm supposed to call it a saddle, not a seat.
look at me and my lingo!
not to blog about my nether regions two days in a row, but for reals...
that aspect kinda killed the experienced for me.

okay now let's talk clueless!

me, via the ghetto-fab self-portrait in the bathroom mirror:

kelsey, at kelsey anne design

christin, at her-blog-is-private

anticipating your 101 Dalmatians creations!
check out the rest of the week's themes!

rollin' with the homies,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

katilda closet party: the sandlot

before we get to the outfits,
let's review the glamour of my monday night:
1. i got hit with a volleyball while talking to a cute boy.
2. twice.
3. i then ripped my favorite jeans irreparably in the nether regions.
4. my hair smelled like hamburgers after too much smoke at a BBQ.
5. i later sprayed my hair with febreze, which is totally hygienic.
6. yes, it worked.

now on to the pictures! 

makin' benny the jet proud...

yours truly:

da baby sister, hiding behind her phone:

kelsey, at kelsey anne design

can't wait to see your clueless pics!
remember, send to katildablog{at}gmail{dot}com by 11 p.m. tonight,
and link up with the button code below!

check out the rest of the week's themes, if ya forgot.

you play ball like a girl,

Sunday, March 25, 2012

katilda closet party: here we go!

well hey howdy hey-dizzle!

the much-awaited week is here...

welcome to the inaugural katilda closet party!

applause! cheers! fireworks! finger snaps!

here's how you participate:

1. dress according to the daily themes
[no pressure to participate every day if you just want to pick a day or two!]

2. take a pic of your oh-so-creative-and-charming outfit

3. email said pic to katildablog[at]gmail[dot]com
by 11 p.m. each night
[e.g. monday's outfit is due by 11 p.m. on monday night]
*include your name and blog URL, por favor!*
*but remember, you don't need to have a blog to participate*

4. i will include your picture, as well as a link back to your blog, in a post the next morning.
[e.g. pics of monday's outfits will go up on tuesday morning, etc.]

5. if you post about your outfits on your blog, include the following 
handy dandy fancy button that i designed in Microsoft Paint all by mineself, because we all have certain gifts and skills in life now don't we:

can't wait to see them fabuloso pics a-rollin' into my inbox!

i wish my closet went to narnia but this party will suffice,

Friday, March 23, 2012

the most boss car ad of all time.

i woke up this morning to a facebook post from one of my besties.

she says, "You will love this! I want to track this man down and marry him."

naturally, i clicked on the link.

in case the ad gets taken down, here is the glorious content in its entirety...

first, the wheels on sale:

next, the genius description, notwithstanding the rampant grammatical flaws which i am choosing to overlook, with my fav parts highlighted:

Well. The wait is over. The most ballingest car ever is finally on the market. This one-of-a-kind ZX2 coupe is to the limit. And it takes no prisoners.

Thats a double whammy.

Features? Yeah, its got em. Like how about it comes in sparkly, get-rich-or-die-tryin green. That means its camouflaged in the forest or lush fields of grass where you will undoubtedly be taking your lady (or ladies if youre driving this) for a picnic of skewered lamb and frosty beverages. Green = the new whatever color you want. Green = mother natures cloaking device.

Its got privacy glass so you can do whatever the eff you want as you blitz past zombies on the freeway. Plus, while everyone else is looking at each other picking their nose, youll be chillin in a darkened cocoon of comfort and maintaining the mystique and mystery that comes naturally when you own a ZX2.

30+ MPG? Uh-huh. Get out there and explore, Magellan.

Air Con? Check. Keep cool, my brother.

Cruise Control? Oh most definitely. Dont be like everyone else on the freeway with their stop-slow-and-go driving. Lock this baby in at 85 - Utah's real speed limit - and save on the MPGeezle.

Power windows? Power locks? Power steering? Thats a fatty mcfatty yes.

AM/FM, 6-Disc CD changing entertainment extravaganza? You know it.

Leather interior? Rare for ZX2s - but not this one. Because luxury is seats that feel smooth on your butt.

Zippy 4-speed auto tranny? Indubitably.

And before you ask, no youre not dreaming - yes, that is a spoiler back there and yes. . . you want this car. Bad.

This well-maintained and fully restored beauty is a salvage title. It was bought out of an insurance pool after getting into a tiny fender bender (i.e. vicious car cock fight. . . which it won. . . with metal and brawn).

The right front fender was dented, but then replaced by a cadre of men who were born in garages and bottle-fed Penzoil. Basically all that means is now this amazing piece of machinery has more character than your neighbors lame van.

Bottom line: if this car were any more advanced, it would stand up and say 'Autobots, roll out!'

"fatty mcfatty yes,"

how much do i love that the car is green?
it makes me think of this song.
hot diggity!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

i now pronounce you waffle and wife.

what's that?
you want to know what's been happening in katilda land this week?

well if you insist.

there has been some of this...

and [bless the sweet heavens] some of this...

and planning outfits for the katilda closet party.
[are you joining me??]

also, i had to fill out a health insurance form at work and i mayyy have had to re-do it because i mayyy have filled out the form wrong and i mayyy have inadvertently indicated that i used tobacco in the last 5 years to treat digestion problems....

...and that would be false.

living and learning,

that distressed green table my hand is on up there?
yeah, i refinished that myself last year.
it is my biggest claim to domestic-goddess fame.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

meet the fam!

blog world, meet mi familia.
mi familia, meet blog world.

i am confident you will be the best of friends!
best friends, i say!

these lovely fotografias are from back yonder on new year's eve,
as evidenced by the fact that i still have that blessed metal mouth.

but brace face or no brace face,
i think these are totes adorbs.

we should also note that, immediately following picture time, my brother started shooting me with the plastic bow and arrow set i gifted him for christmas.
it's about what i expected when i gave it to him, yo!
it ain't this little sister's first rodeo.

"dr marvin! is that the fam?!"

*all photos via kara barratt photography*

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

katilda closet party: movies

so i'm not a fashion blogger, but...


this is me,
officially inviting you,
to the inaugural katilda closet party

*oooh, ahhh*

so here's the deal:
this starts next monday, march 26

i've picked daily outfit themes for the whole week.

here's what YOU do:
1. wear threads inspired by any element of the day's theme - be creative!
2. email photos of your outfit to katildablog[at]gmail[dot]com by 11 p.m. at the end of each day
3. if you have a blog, post a pic of yourself and link back here
[more linking instructions to come next week!]

the morning after each theme,
i will post pics of my outfit as well as pics of yours and include links back to your blogs.

sounds like a win for everyone!
i am excited to see what y'all come up with.
invite your friends to join!

ready for this?

the weekly theme: movies

the inspiration line-up...

monday, march 26 - the sandlot


tuesday, march 27 - clueless


wednesday, march 28 - 101 dalmatians

thursday, march 29 - leave it to beaver

friday, march 30 - penelope

start planning your outfits, invite your friends and followers to join, and tune in next week!

raiding my closet for anything resembling dalmatian spots,

Monday, March 19, 2012

orange you glad?

what did i do this weekend?

well i picked oranges for a service project...

and i ate some of this chinese goodness...

and i took a nap on the couch...

...ok i maybe took two naps.

it's been deliciously rainy and chilly in AZ-town.
gotta soak that up before the oven starts heating up!

wanting pumpkin spice hot chocolate by the gallon,

remember my girl chantal's dating adventure?
she's been on 14 dates so far this month!
go catch up on her stories if you need some good reading.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Deseret News fail

dear Deseret News,
how's your copy desk holding up? maybe a little caffeine would be a good idea? i might owe you some Dr. Pepper for publicly mocking you, but...i truly couldn't help myself.
watch those letter placements, yo!

apparently so many things i don't know about karate,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

11 facts you're dying to know about me ▲

well hey there! i've been tagged by both katie and alexis in this "share 11 random things about me" blog trend. so here we go!

1. i generally drink almond milk, not regular milk. if i do drink regular milk, i prefer whole milk. so, i hit both ends of the extreme with that one.

2. i have a (debatably) irrational phobia of whales and other large sea creatures. (like really, i lose feeling in my arms and feel very anxious and slightly hysterical at the idea of being anywhere near shamu's tank. these are legitimate phobia symptoms.)

3. i shave my legs every day. i don't feel clean if i have hairy legs.

4. i'm ticklish to the point of it being inappropriate. (e.g., i have to point the AC vents a certain way in the car so the blowing air doesn't tickle my neck.)

5. i once won a trophy for having a good personality. it might be because i once rode through the student center on roller blades because it was the most direct route to get to work. (also maybe i did that more than once.) see here i am, SUU Personality of the Year 2008...

6. when i dip a french fry in ketchup, i compulsively dip it about 5 times before eating it. i do not know why...hence the term "compulsion."

7. i am a professional writer, and that makes me feel like a character in a chick flick.  i'm surprised all the time that this is my legitimate career. "i'm a writer." see? it even sounds cool.

8. i got my bachelor's degree in marriage, family & human development. i know, it's irrelevant to my career.'s totally relevant to life! i adored my field of study and will talk your ear off about it if you let me.

speaking of relevant, here's a picture of my new sandals:
[courtesy of the illustrious Target] 

9. i run my own service organization. basically i plan 1-2 projects a month with nonprofits in the phoenix area, and then i recruit volunteers to come to said projects. if you're in AZ, check it out on facebook. i would love to have you at a future project!

10. i always sleep with at least one hand touching or near my face. i swear this must relate back to my time in the womb.

11. i have a passion for colorful, quirky, slightly mismatched clothing, which made for a verrrry awkward phase as an emerging pre-teen...until that style recently became cool, and now i feel awesome.

awesome enough to wear a shirt with horses on it? YES.

i also have a deep and abiding love for the color gray, when i'm not in the mood to be dressed like Penelope.
i think a perfect gift would be several pairs of solid gray socks.

i feel like i don't know who reads my blog that hasn't done this yet?
so i tag all of you who haven't done it!

yes i'm aware that's a cop-out but whatcanyado,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

pie + happy anthem

if you're wondering....
yes, i ate pie for breakfast.
it was strawberry.
that's totally a breakfast food.
happy 3.14, my friends!

in other news,
i spied this video on making it lovely,
and it fills me with happiness, as promised.
it doesn't hurt that it includes a favorite naked & famous song...

...and now i want to buy their cleaning products.
see how that works?
someone in their marketing dept has got me pegged.

yeah yeah yeah yeah,

i am wearing green skinnypants today.
that is reason enough for its own happy anthem.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

If Hunger Games Tributes Owned iPhones...


kiddos, i done me some writing.

not here.

well, also here, clearly.

but also elsewhere.

what i mean is,
here are some of my latest blogs for the huffington post, as well as my first one for moviefone.

thought you might enjoy them!

me gusta escribir,
in other news,
i had a dream i was dating david archuleta.
he had a mohawk to disguise himself,
and he felt awkward when his music came on my radio.
that's all.

Monday, March 12, 2012

lace, peaches, feathers.

if you asked my smartypants phone what important events have happened in my life lately, this is what the smartypants phone would say about me:

she is becoming obsessed with this lace sweater, courtesy of a lovely sister-in-law who wanted to clean out her closet...

she unwittingly discovered that flavored peaches exist, which adds an entirely new dimension to her lunchtime options...

she rediscovered her love for a pair of leather mary janes she bought at a thrift store last year....actually, she found them at said thrift store, waiting there in her size, and told herself she didn't NEED them...and thusly went home and thought about them for the next 2 days and thusly drove back to said thrift store in a mad frenzy to purchase them...

boat shoes + spring training baseball = yes in a big way...

a tragedy occurred with her favorite earrings and then was later averted when she found the rogue feather hiding on the floor at home...

and lastly, she took a trip to the annual ostrich festival in chandler...and when she said, "i want to make a feathered shirt for the ostrich festival," she wasn't messing around...

run ostrich run,