Wednesday, March 14, 2012

pie + happy anthem

if you're wondering....
yes, i ate pie for breakfast.
it was strawberry.
that's totally a breakfast food.
happy 3.14, my friends!

in other news,
i spied this video on making it lovely,
and it fills me with happiness, as promised.
it doesn't hurt that it includes a favorite naked & famous song...

...and now i want to buy their cleaning products.
see how that works?
someone in their marketing dept has got me pegged.

yeah yeah yeah yeah,

i am wearing green skinnypants today.
that is reason enough for its own happy anthem.


Emily said...

That's one of the best commercials I've seen in a long time! Method bottles as a wall of colorful light bulbs?? SO FUN and what a happy start to my day!

Alexis Kaye said...

k I hate their cleaning products and now I want to buy them too. A lady I used to nanny for which also included all the cleaning would buy those, probably for the awesome advertising, and i always hated them. the pumps on them broke all the time and you'd end up having to pour them out and they didn't smell very good and get very suddsy. And now i'm going to go buy some. great.

Katie said...

at first i was very confused about why you were informing us that you ate pie. but don't worry. i get it now. and i love the part in the video when they're all in a circle. in fact, the whole video makes me fee like i should be part of some musical production where i get to stand in a circle like that.