Thursday, March 15, 2012

11 facts you're dying to know about me ▲

well hey there! i've been tagged by both katie and alexis in this "share 11 random things about me" blog trend. so here we go!

1. i generally drink almond milk, not regular milk. if i do drink regular milk, i prefer whole milk. so, i hit both ends of the extreme with that one.

2. i have a (debatably) irrational phobia of whales and other large sea creatures. (like really, i lose feeling in my arms and feel very anxious and slightly hysterical at the idea of being anywhere near shamu's tank. these are legitimate phobia symptoms.)

3. i shave my legs every day. i don't feel clean if i have hairy legs.

4. i'm ticklish to the point of it being inappropriate. (e.g., i have to point the AC vents a certain way in the car so the blowing air doesn't tickle my neck.)

5. i once won a trophy for having a good personality. it might be because i once rode through the student center on roller blades because it was the most direct route to get to work. (also maybe i did that more than once.) see here i am, SUU Personality of the Year 2008...

6. when i dip a french fry in ketchup, i compulsively dip it about 5 times before eating it. i do not know why...hence the term "compulsion."

7. i am a professional writer, and that makes me feel like a character in a chick flick.  i'm surprised all the time that this is my legitimate career. "i'm a writer." see? it even sounds cool.

8. i got my bachelor's degree in marriage, family & human development. i know, it's irrelevant to my career.'s totally relevant to life! i adored my field of study and will talk your ear off about it if you let me.

speaking of relevant, here's a picture of my new sandals:
[courtesy of the illustrious Target] 

9. i run my own service organization. basically i plan 1-2 projects a month with nonprofits in the phoenix area, and then i recruit volunteers to come to said projects. if you're in AZ, check it out on facebook. i would love to have you at a future project!

10. i always sleep with at least one hand touching or near my face. i swear this must relate back to my time in the womb.

11. i have a passion for colorful, quirky, slightly mismatched clothing, which made for a verrrry awkward phase as an emerging pre-teen...until that style recently became cool, and now i feel awesome.

awesome enough to wear a shirt with horses on it? YES.

i also have a deep and abiding love for the color gray, when i'm not in the mood to be dressed like Penelope.
i think a perfect gift would be several pairs of solid gray socks.

i feel like i don't know who reads my blog that hasn't done this yet?
so i tag all of you who haven't done it!

yes i'm aware that's a cop-out but whatcanyado,


Myke said...

I think my irrational love of sea creatures makes up for your irrational fear of them.

Elisabeth Gee said... kind of rock.
I really like you. :)
TOTALLY joining your service organization on FB. :)

Katie said...

i LOVE that you won an award for your personality! it's perfect. and you are legit writer! woot!

Emma Frances said...

I've been tagged but I'm a big lazy bum and never do it. I will though...someday soon...maybe. You come up with the best random facts ever. I love it. Also, you have super cool style. I'm glad that it's popular now so you don't have to feel awkward. Haha. You still make it look cooler than everyone else. Oh, and I really want your green skinnies. And, is almond milk good? I've been meaning to try it because my stomach hasn't been super agreeing with dairy since I got pregnant and it has more protein than normal milk I'm pretty sure. Let me know! :]

katilda said...

i think almond milk is GREAT...get the vanilla flavor! when it's in cereal and stuff, i can't taste the difference from regular milk. plus, it like never goes bad! i like the Silk's by the regular milk and the soy milk in the refrigerator section. (i prefer almond milk over soy milk because a) i don't want that extra estrogen you can get from soy, and b) it has calcium in it like regular milk!)

katilda said...

some good info!

shirley elizabeth said...



Also, almond milk and rice milk are the most delicious.

Also, the new guy at my part-time office also got his degree in marriage & family. He is neat and single.

katilda said...

same dress!!! same dress!! ...tell me more about this fella, if he is as "neat" and as "single" as you say. if he lives in the area, i wonder if i know him?

shirley elizabeth said...

Your company actually did this company's website (I've known Dallin for a good long while), though I think maybe before your time. Pivotal Tax. New guy is Mark Perkins.

Unknown said...

Dude, you're the bomb. Also, I totally sleep with at least one hand near my face. And I've always thought it must be because of my womb time.