Tuesday, March 27, 2012

katilda closet party: the sandlot

before we get to the outfits,
let's review the glamour of my monday night:
1. i got hit with a volleyball while talking to a cute boy.
2. twice.
3. i then ripped my favorite jeans irreparably in the nether regions.
4. my hair smelled like hamburgers after too much smoke at a BBQ.
5. i later sprayed my hair with febreze, which is totally hygienic.
6. yes, it worked.

now on to the pictures! 

makin' benny the jet proud...

yours truly:

da baby sister, hiding behind her phone:

kelsey, at kelsey anne design

can't wait to see your clueless pics!
remember, send to katildablog{at}gmail{dot}com by 11 p.m. tonight,
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check out the rest of the week's themes, if ya forgot.

you play ball like a girl,


Katie said...

I love that you said you ripped your pants in the "nether regions" and that you sprayed your hair with febreze. That's my girl.

mrs. dtf said...

i think our lives are just swell. i get in the head with stuff all the time so i guess that makes us best friends now...

Emma Frances said...

Love these outfits and love the recap of your day! Haha. Where'd you rip your pants again?! ;) And I'm pretty sure I've done the whole spray my hair with Febreeze thing. It really does work.

indeazgirl said...

This is what I get for not reading your blog until 12:36 am when I freaking LOVE clueless outifts. In fact, I think I'm going to change my clothes right now. Even though I am VERY VERY tired. And send you the picture. Now.

katilda said...

how cute are you! i got your picture and i'm so excited to put you on the bloggg!