Wednesday, March 28, 2012

katilda closet party: clueless

last night i went to a cycling class.
workout aside, can i just say...
how the hezz do people ride on those seats??
also i think i'm supposed to call it a saddle, not a seat.
look at me and my lingo!
not to blog about my nether regions two days in a row, but for reals...
that aspect kinda killed the experienced for me.

okay now let's talk clueless!

me, via the ghetto-fab self-portrait in the bathroom mirror:

kelsey, at kelsey anne design

christin, at her-blog-is-private

anticipating your 101 Dalmatians creations!
check out the rest of the week's themes!

rollin' with the homies,


Erin said...

I went to a cycling class a few weeks ago with my friend who recently had a baby. While complaining about the pain she said, and I quote, "I feel like I had a baby again." Erin and cycling don't mix.

mrs. dtf said...

you're cycling story is too good. mr. dtf and i love a good bike ride, but sometimes i'll tell ya i regret it later ha!

also, i actually have an outfit for today so i will try to get you pictures!

also, liam hemsworth is a QT.

also, have you read the book? cause it's amazing.