Wednesday, March 7, 2012

my sister the artist

my family is artistic.
as in, like "major in art and make money off of it" artistic.
i'm pretty good with stick figures.

but today is not about me nor my affinity for stick people.

my monica sister has an etsy shop!

she paints things like this:

neat huh?
i think they're neat.
and i think they would look nice in your living room.
or a dentist's office.
and stuff.

you can go buy one, if you want.
except that brown one, because she already sold it.

you see? flyin' like hotcakes!

also, i wish i could see a hotcake take flight.
though i prefer to call them flapjacks.
which makes me think about lumberjacks.
which makes me think about bearded men.

i don't know what i'm rambling about either,

1 comment:

Rolled Up Pretty said...

She is an amazing painter, SO AWESOME! :) I'm not even good with stick figures, ha ha!