Thursday, March 22, 2012

i now pronounce you waffle and wife.

what's that?
you want to know what's been happening in katilda land this week?

well if you insist.

there has been some of this...

and [bless the sweet heavens] some of this...

and planning outfits for the katilda closet party.
[are you joining me??]

also, i had to fill out a health insurance form at work and i mayyy have had to re-do it because i mayyy have filled out the form wrong and i mayyy have inadvertently indicated that i used tobacco in the last 5 years to treat digestion problems....

...and that would be false.

living and learning,

that distressed green table my hand is on up there?
yeah, i refinished that myself last year.
it is my biggest claim to domestic-goddess fame.


Kylie said...

Love the nailpolish! And the waffle fry...I have to be super careful because I work in the same building as a Chic-Fil-A. Dangerous, I tell you.

Rolled Up Pretty said...

K, I LOVE your nails. SO CUTE!

Katie said...

Ahaha. I laughed so hard at the tobacco-digestion-problems thing.

his little lady said...

i am loving that distressed green table. perfect!
and is it strange that i have never had waffle fries before? i guess so. ;)
xo TJ

The Millers said...

Loving the polish! Xo

Courtney B said...

CUTE polish!
I had to fill out insurance forms because my hubs filled them out wrong! What a pain those forms can be! And I swear they are tricky on purpose so that they have to be done twice!