Saturday, March 3, 2012

narnia, centaurs & unibrows

the bestie and i have been at it again, skypechatting ourselves into ridiculous oblivion...

a discussion on narnia...
she: i scream "S'MORES" you scream "VALIDATION" we all scream for...
me: CRUTCHYYYY!! ...i love it when my gut reaction is Crutchy
she: if we ever get in a war with the winter animals, we're yelling that before the battle begins
me: ok do i get the arrows or the healing elixir? lucy bugs the crap out of me. i had to get that off my chest.
she: it's her teeth! and her shizzy acting! well, they're all awful actors. you know who bugs me? the older sister
me: frances? no... susan!
she: SUSAN. yah. she's all acting like she's better than prince caspian when EVERYONE knows anything female would swoon and faint from any sort of attention from him.
me: i like edmund. i mean, after he's done following the white witch and goes through puberty and stuff.
she: edmund's their weakest link - i'd tell the beavers to eat him. i know, i know the beavers are on our side
me: i don't think beavers eat people...
she: but no one likes edmund.
me: i like that bear..."for aslan!" the dopey bear.
she: i'm dying... i'm crying laughing. the dopey bear!
me: let's name him crutchie.


a discussion on centaurs...
she: what are your thoughts on centaurs? i've decided that will be my first question when i meet someone new. after i get their name of course.
me: yeah don't bother learning their name if their opinion of the centaurs is unfavorable.
she: well i don't want to bother with small talk if that person hasn't thought about them
me: ok centaurs...i think they're a good resource, but a little snooty
she: you know what? they ARE! rightfully so, though.
me: maybe there's something about that seam area between the tummy and the horse withers that makes them inherently cranky. except when i read "withers" i thought wrinkles and then i thought, do centaurs get wrinkles? i've never seen a senior citizen centaur.
she: they probably have a separate Village Inn they spend all their time at
me: i once met some boys at a party and they invited my friends and i to go get pie at village inn, and we didn't want to go. but then afterward we couldn't stop thinking about pie, so we drove 15 miles to go to a different village inn, so we could have pie...and now you know my darkest secret.


a discussion on unibrows & young love...
me: i remember giving a sappy valentine to a boy in 2nd grade and he said EWWW when he opened it.
she: Ahahaha did that really happen?!
me: it REALLY was a valentine with two pandas hugging. i copped out and said it was an accident that i gave it to him. who knows if he believed me. his name was william.
she: hahaha that's so so sad. a boy i had a crush on was sitting in front of me in class one time, it was the first day of school, i had a crush on him for years. he turned around and said, "you know.. you have a unibrow."


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