Monday, March 5, 2012

some feathered, um, inspiration

the less glamorous moments of Ragnar, aka the time i fell dead asleep on the concrete:

that awkward moment when i matched the art exhibit:

this video about Ragnar that makes me feel emotional and then i feel silly for feeling emotional but then again i first watched it the day after finishing this year's Ragnar and that means i was probably in a zombie-like state due to lack of sleep which leads me to wonder if zombies are, in fact, emotional or not:

also, i think i will cut my hair today.
we'll see.

back to my breakfast,


Annie Citrine said...


Katie said...

love love love that picture of you laying on the concrete. so cute.

:: ashley :: said...

i have never done a ragnar, but i want to! i almost died during my half marathon though so i am so nervous to even consider it!