Tuesday, February 28, 2012

ragnar del sol 2012 PHOTOS ▲

as promised, here is photographic evidence of my crazy ragnar weekend.

200 miles in hot, fuzzy costumes?
this kind of behavior can't be entirely normal, but good gravy it is fun.

things to note:
+ the picture of me running in my big bird costume, appearing as though i'm about to take flight, is maybe my most favorite picture of myself EVER.
+ we realize the horse has nothing to do with sesame street, although we toyed with the possibility of a post-botox snuffleupagus. 
+ bert & ernie are, in fact, two of my married friends in real life. when they came running by holding hands at one point, some guy by me said, "well that answers THAT question."
+ i made those green "STREET" headbands for everyone on my team. look at me go!

and now on to the photos!

sweeping the clouds away,


Alexis Kaye said...

I LOVE IT! What a perfect costume idea! :)

Matt said...

did you find your big bird soulmate while you were there?

katilda said...

whoa hey! You DO exist! haha. I have been telling everyone that story. Way to find me on the Internet! I will post that pic when my friend gives it to me.