Friday, February 17, 2012

i can be brave.

i did something BIG this week.

you see,
i'm the type of girl who forgives quickly.
which is a good quality,
except when i let people get away with things.

but i'm learning,
you can still forgive someone,
but kindly and firmly let them know their actions were not OK.

sometimes you need to tell people when they hurt you.

last year i felt quite wronged by a boy.
i know his intentions were not bad,
and yet i came out of it with a squished little heart.

and...i never called him out on it.
i just let it go,
as per my usual style.

but when he contacted me again recently,
wanting to meet up in a friendly way,
i almost said yes.

and then i thought,
hanging out w/ him will do nothing good for me.

for me.
sometimes it's ok for it to be about me.

so i politely,
yet firmly,
told him, "i'd rather not."

and then i told him why.
i told him how my feelings were hurt.
and how i never said so,
but i needed to say so now.

and i was scared for a minute,
but then i felt empowered.
and i felt free.

i didn't tear him down,
but i picked myself back up.

turns out those can be two separate things.

and i feel very, very brave.

we all deserve to be treated well.
regardless of someone else's intentions,
if a situation is no bueno for you,
then you need to hold your chin up and say so.

always most brave in a hoodie,


Annie Citrine said...

I like this. :)

Elisabeth Gee said...

You rock. :)

Alexis Kaye said...

I learned this lesson. It's a good one to learn. There's nothing wrong with being a forgiving person. And there's definitely nothing wrong with being honest, even if that means letting someone know they hurt your a not intentionally spirteful hurtful way. which i doubt you would do :)

Emma Frances said...

Woot! Woot! :] Good for you! Also, I absolutely love that picture of you! You are gorgeous girl!